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    Default A stroll down Memory Lane


    I recently ordered an old miniature of a fragrance off Ebay, that I used to wear when I was a teenager, thirty plus years ago. It was called Sven by Yardley. My tastes and experiences have changed in the ensuing years but I was dying to find it and try it again, if even for old times sake.

    Well, it arrived today, and seems in quite good nick considering it hasn't been made for years. One smell, and I was a teenager again!

    Have any of you guys bought anything from your distant past, and did it measure up to how you remember it?

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    Permanently: olfaction works in a way that triggers memories in a way no other stimulus can. That is why I love this hobby.

    Macassar transports me to the early 1980's. I rarely wear it, but I do smell it on a frequent basis for this sole effect.

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    My memories regarding my teenage years involve me wearing almost exclusively Salvador Dali PH and Chevignon Brand (which I still own) most of the time, much later Drakkar Noir, Paco Energy and New Spirit, as my teenage years came to an end.

    Most of the other guys wore just Axe, Malizia Vetiver (I have nothing against these two products ranges) and, if they came from wealthier families, ADG.

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    One sniff of Polo (original green) and I'm back in High School. That's one reason I purchased Polo Modern Reserve -- I love the scent but it's different enough to spare me the High School flashbacks!
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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    Polo does this to me also Mike, as does Grey Flannel, Azzaro Pour Homme, Paco Rabanne, and Agua Lavanda

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    Pino is a time travel frag for me. Every time I smell it, I can picture my first wife and the corner variety store in my old Italian neighborhood in West Philly that sold it.

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    I looked for and found vintage Antaeus, which I haven't worn since it was reformulated in the 90's. This used to be a staple for me, and it smells just as good as I remember it!

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    Cacharel pour homme and Drakkar Noir.

    Both excellent and just how I remember them from years gone by. Back then I used to get loads of compliments from the ladies. It's just the same this time round. Gotta love it.
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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    Polo has that effect on me. Much stronger than I remember it.

    Also tried some Romeo Gigli and was very dissapointed. Wasn't what I remembered so fondly.

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    Default Re: A stroll down Memory Lane

    D&G Masculine, TdH, Platinum Egoiste all 3 remind me VIVIDLY of the first time I went to Air Force tech school.

    Givenchy Pi reminds me very vividly of being in High School.

    Amen and Visit remind me of Community college.
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