Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me. Here is the problem/puzzle: a friend of mine was given a partially used bottle of Chanel No5 eau de toilette (100ml!), tried it and couldn't get on with it. She asked me if I like it, knowing that I am a perfume lover. I said oooh yeah, one of my favourites, got a bottle already etc so she said she would give me the bottle and she left it on my doorstep one wild, windy night.

When I got it indoors and opened it, my oh my what a vile pong. It doesn't smell anything like No5, it's like an old handbag, mum's old fashioned lipsticks and a dose of kids medicine. It is quite acidy, no sweet powdery smell. It is very pale in colour and the actual bottle doesn't say if it is eau de toilette or parfum etc, although the cardboard box does. The box seems old, tatty.

What I'm wondering is....do you think this just a gone off very old bottle of genuine Chanel or a fake? Any suggestions?

I don't know whether to chuck it out. Lol. It's not wearable.
best wishes Beaky