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    Default Is Ungaro 2 similar to Opium for women ?

    I happened to re-sample Ungaro 2 after sampling something called a "publicity version" of the original women's Opium (bottle must be at least 20 years old), and I was struck by the similarities. This publicity version doesn't seem to be as indolic as the descriptions of Opium I found in the online reviews at BN, MUA, and PE, but otherwise it seems like a decent copy of it. U2 seemed to be less spicy and of course there's the civet, but otherwise I found them to be quite similar. I'm wondering what those who have sampled both U2 and the real women's Opium think.

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    Default Re: Is Ungaro 2 similar to Opium for women ?

    I tried both separately, I can't recall resemblances. After your remark, I am going to give it a try hand in hand. I do find similarities between UII and Pierre Cardin pour Homme in the mid and base notes, UII being richer, more complex and long lasting than PCpH.

    IMHO, the only one smelling alike the original Opium is JHL. I got compliments on it while being asked if I were using it.
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    Default Re: Is Ungaro 2 similar to Opium for women ?

    If I remember correctly, JHL had some pretty powerful sandalwood going on, which this Opium "publicity version" did not have.

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    Default Re: Is Ungaro 2 similar to Opium for women ?

    To my nose, Ungaro II has some common notes with Chanel pour Monsieur, actually, but Ungaro II with a stronger tendency towards dark woody-spicy notes, while Chanel pour Monsieur being far more citrus-herbal.
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    Default Re: Is Ungaro 2 similar to Opium for women ?

    Pollux is right with his JHL/Opium comparison. They actually do smell alike. Again, when one remembers that JHL is a male(ish) Cinnabar, which in turn was Estee Lauder's answer to Opium, the comparison is given more weight.

    On my skin, the civet in Ungaro II is a (most welcome) prominent note throughout its development. UII smells to me like a brighter Iquitos.

    Ken_Russell's comments struck a chord. I then sprayed on UII on one hand and got.......... very lightly applied Chanel pour Monsieur Concentree! (sans civet, of course) Sprayed on CpmC, and confirmed my thought. Our noses must be picking up the common accords in CpM and CpMC.

    The mysteries (and yet confirmation) of accords!
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