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    Default Problems in perfumery = Lacks of Mo Cuishle factor?

    Yes, I`m a bit late with One Million Baby film (four Oscars in 2004).
    I`ve seen it last week and Mo Cuishle episode make me cry out loud (who`s wrote that, Paul Haggis or Clint Eastwood, I don`t mind).

    Then I found myself thinking about Mo Cuishle (my darling, my blood) factor in perfumery.
    And I believe that modern perfumery development is suffers from Mo Cuishle shortage.

    Perfumers does not make perfumes like pregnant women carries their babies. They does not rear them for some years.
    Remember Guerlain, Caron, Rochas, etc. from the past? Jacques Guerlain, Ernest Daltroff, Edmond Roudnitska bring up their perfumes for years. Or successful first perfumes of brand - Miss Dior, Tabu, Chanel #5, etc - first babies have got more love and attention. Perfume becomes part of perfumer when it takes so much time, thoughts, pain, feelings...
    I like Andy Tauer and Vero Kern for their perfumes (even though they are amateurs). I like natural perfumers for the same feeling. And vintages for the same reason.

    Now luxe perfumes (and some niche too) appears fast like a chicken from incubator machine. No time, no soul, no warmth, no humanity inside. Just smooth polite nice-smelling creatures made by aerodynamics of marketing panels.

    Sorry for awkward English, but I feel that way today. Sentimental and heartfelt.

    Any examples of Mo Cuishle are welcome!
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Problems in perfumery = Lacks of Mo Cuishle factor?

    First scents that came to my mind are Annick Goutal scents, which were created for and inspired by her husband (and their love story) and daughters. I find them very moving.
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