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    Cool Does anyone else ever do this?

    No matter what they are convinced something they bought online is fake? No matter how trusted the customer is you convince yourself psychologically that your frag. is a fake one and you look for all of the evidence in the world for it to be fake?

    Its like a fragrance psychological thriller.

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    Default Re: Does anyone else ever do this?

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    Well if I am using a new retailer online I always .. and I mean always buy small, never buy bulk. Always check everything to make sure (scent, bottle , packaging) . I usually have samples, check with another trusted retailer which is in my hometown and make sure the juice smells the same the packaging is the same.

    But that's only my first few buys from a new retailer, just to make sure everything is legit. Other then that usually not paranoid at the least with what I buy.
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    Yes, every frag is, in this sense a huge psychological tension for me. But, then again, as soon as I tend to smell not just pleasant, but complex and multi-layered fragrance notes, I say to myself: there are all too good to be fake (note: I do not encourage buying fake frags, in fact I get mine very often from trusted and respected sellers, quite often even from Douglas)
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    Define 'fake'?
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    Im more concerned that it wont show up. I guess I dont really buy things that are often knocked-off though.
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    The first time I bought form an e-tailer I thought the bottle of Hermes Equipage I bought was faked because it did not smell like it used to be. I had to check out posts and threads on reformulations in order to realize the blame was on Hermes rather than on the e-tailer.

    On the other hand, at least for me, I could always tell faked from legit merchandise. But some observations made by fellow BNoters make clear that countefeiters are improving quality when it comes to packaging, so this calls for caution. That is why I always buy from the same e-tailer, or else consider buying from others with good reputation.
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    Default Re: Does anyone else ever do this?


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    I kept thinking my La Nuit De L'homme was fake because I couldn't smell if on me.

    However, I can NEVER smell most of my colognes on me after 3+ hours.

    I sprayed it on a strip last night and can still smell it on the strip.

    All this said and I still am paranoid about it being faked.

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    Only if you had real bad online buying experience where you got ripped off. I had poured thousands of dollars in online purchase, buying diamonds even. As long as you do your homework, you seldom end up disappointed and end up with excellent stuff which would have cost significantly more elsewhere.

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    Yes but I think it come from the fear of being taken we live in such a trusting society and to me its a real shame that most of think that way now.

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    All the time I don't
    even trust the duty free
    stores in the airports
    I am not afraid... I was born to do this.

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