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    Wink In The Spirit of The Season.

    In the spirit of the Season and entertainment of us all, I would propose that the following significant players of Christmas be assigned an appropriate fragrance befitting their station in the scheme of things. Let us begin.


    Tiny Tim.

    Spirit of Christmas Past.

    Spirit of Christmas Present.

    Spirit of Christmas future.


    Have fun. I can hardly wait to see your answers. Ho Ho HO!
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    Default Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Scrooge - Czech & Speake No. 88

    Tiny Tim - I don't think he could afford anything

    Spirit of Christmas Past - Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist

    Spirit of Christmas Present - Hermès Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé

    Spirit of Christmas future - CdG Avignon

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    Cool Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Scrooge would wear Old Spice, if he found it on sale.

    The others require some pondering . . .
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    Default Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mario Justiniani View Post
    Scrooge would wear Old Spice, if he found it on sale.
    And if he didn't, I think he'd be all about Lectric Shave.

    Spirit of Christmas Past would wear Chanel No. 22.
    Spirit of Christmas Present would wear Nuit de Noel. (real creative of me huh )
    Spirit of Christmas Future would wear L'Heure Bleue.
    Marley would wear something cold and vetiver-y.
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    Default Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Scrooge. Fake Creed that he bought for pennies.

    Tiny Tim. A slightly chipped but full flacon of Creed Windsor that somebody threw into the trash.

    Spirit of Christmas Past. Nard, from the jar used to annoint Christ.

    Spirit of Christmas Present. Guerlain Idylle, it's haunting white floral beauty and apparently gold-wasting bottle scaring the dickens out of one Mr. Scrooge.

    Spirit of Christmas Future. Chanel Allure Homme Edition Noir Sport Cologne Fraîche. Summer Limited Edition 2012.

    IFRA. Distilled water. - raging for the machines
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    Default Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Scrooge- rubs a sprig of lavendar from the garden on himself in summer (free), but since it's winter, he just stinks.

    Tiny Tim- smells a little bit spicy/citrusy because his mother made him a pomander by studding an orange with cloves and he carries it in his pocket everywhere .

    Spirit of Christmas Past.- Old Spice or British Sterling

    Spirit of Christmas Present.- Mitsouko

    Spirit of Christmas future.- nothing- frags have been banned in public

    IFRA.- taking a leaf from redneck perfumisto's book - Eau de distilled water & ozone extreme

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    Default Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Scrooge- Brut might also work

    Tiny Tim- nothing, but once Scrooge eventually became generous, ANY frag affordable to his family

    The Spirit of the Past- some light Eau de Cologne, which already existed during the times of Dickens, solar, youthful and exhaling lots of hopes and dreams (more like Scrooge's lost love and too, a lesser extent, even like a younger and more idealistic Scrooge himself)

    The Spirit of the Present- an Early Victorian equivalent of the 80s powerhouse male frag, after all, although a miser, thus stingy and restrained about his wealth, Scrooge was still a highly successful, newly rich, ruthless and authoritarian "alpha male" of the Early Capitalist business world

    The Spirit of the Future- pessimistic scenario: something suggesting a cruel, lonely and appalling death, first, I though about a "dark" fragrance, but even "pitch black" frags, which are so edgy and macabre up too the point of being "satanic" have too much animal magnetism, strange beauty, voluptuous hedonism and anarchistic counterculture in it, so I would suggest Nothing (this time, I am not speaking for Scrooge, as much as I speak to many a true Basenoter, for whom the perspective of an eternity without frags can be the most appaling nightmare)
    optimistic scenario: anything a dignified Victorian gentleman, who has reached a certain intellectual and emotional fulfillment, apart from a strictly financial one would wear, the typical high-class, elegant yet understated, formal mature frag of a fine and well-groomed elderly male, who has come to terms with his family, his friends, his personal ideals, his wealth and his social responsibilities would wear (maybe a vintage Creed or Floris)

    IRFA- either outlawing not just the "Christmas Tale", but also any fragrance suggestion related to it, as too subversive, unsustainable, environmentally damaging, or, on the contrary, (so, be careful about all the fragrance suggestion made, just kidding though) being so ecstatic about this thread, up to the point making all of the fragrance suggestions on this thread the ONLY legally available and marketed frags still existing (since, we know very well that power corrupts and that bureaucracy may lead to incompetence, or create countless new Scrooges- before his dramatic change)

    So, this post is meant just to have fun and bring fun, and is in no way to be taken seriously in the fits place! However, glad if you liked it anyway...
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    Default Re: In The Spirit of The Season.

    Scrooge - Axe he watered down with tap water -he uses this on special occasions only.
    Tiny Tim - nothing,poor chappie ......
    Christmas Past - Frankincense
    Christmas Present - Myrrh
    Christmas Future- Amouage Gold

    IFRA - a bunch of synthetic accords !
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