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    Default New Zealand perfumes

    From Europe my sister is going to spend Xmas in new zealand. I'd would like to ask her to buy for me a "new zealand" perfume. Is there an original brand, or a national fragrance to buy? Thanks

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    Until a Kiwi answers the question, you might look here: Shop New Zealand

    And here.

    Possibly this one.

    And this.
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    Default Re: New Zealand perfumes

    Rudy ... you are great. This is exactly the information I needed!
    thanks a lot!!!!

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    Default Re: New Zealand perfumes

    One can learn so much here at Basenotes.....I am always amazed!!!!

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    Kiwi fashion designer Trelise Cooper has just launched her first perfume. It's called Trelise. I've seen it at the Smith and Caughey department store in Auckland but I have not tried it. The Wellington department store Kirkcaldie and Stains describes it here.

    One of the better NZ skincare brands is Living Nature, but I don't see any fragrances on their site.

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    I received from my sister who went to nz on holiday, a nice woodden box with a cream parfume "island passion" by pacific perfumes. The cream is smooth and the box is delicious but the parfume is almost inexistent. Is it normal? Are all pacific perfumes so discreet?

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