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    Default Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    I am planning on buying this dirt cheap. I super love Blanc from Bvlgari and really wanted some feedback and thoughts on this scent

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    Bulgari The Rouge is based on the rooibos plant, which is used as a tea-type drink and has a slightly fruity smell to it. The fruitiness is amped up in this scent with something that is like a red-currant note (not sure of the rest of the notes). It's kind of a sweet/tart scent, definitely not as subtle as the Blanc. I had the shower gel in The Rouge and it was lovely, btw.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    Imo most hard to wear from the green, white and red variants. Also the most pungent. I don't like Rooibos, perhaps that's why.
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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    As usual no analysis from me, only this: I think it could smell better on a woman. I'd love to smell it on a woman, however on me it's not so unisex like the other green and white. It's sensual. Maybe I'm through with it because I used to overapply - can't stamd the cloying aspect anymore. Definitely less transparent than it's sisters.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    There is no kinship betwixt the blanc and the rouge. Won't try to second guess whether rouge will appeal to you, but you're forewarned—it is a unique and pungent scent.
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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    I'm a big fan of this one. I was close to breaking down and buying it at retail when I happened to find it dirt cheap at TJ MAXX. I like Blanc a lot, but Rouge is better IMO. It's got a strange walnut accord, and I smell very much a red "tannic" aspect in this-- like the skins of grapes and apples-- similar to red wine. I'm assuming this is the rooibos tea. I think you'll like this one.

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    Huge admirer of Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge here. It's a favorite of my girlfriend's, too. On my skin, it's a sillage monster so I don't wear more than two sprays. (On her, it's even stronger.) The longevity is excellent, lasting well over 10 hours on each of us.

    To my nose, the fragrance has a dominant "red pepper" smell. (The crushed type one might sprinkle on food.) I suppose this is a result of both the rooibos and the pink pepper. I think it is the most individualistic scent in Bulgari's "Eau Parfumée au Thé _____" line.

    Bulgari au Thé Rouge is found frequently at Marshall's and TJ Maxx these days.

    Here are the notes, taken from

    "Red Tea, Seville Orange, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Walnut, Musk, Balsamic Notes"

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    I think it is just OK. However, the Bulgari tea scents bore me to tears.
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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    im going to purchase it!! i cant wait!!

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    It's a great scent, the only tea scent I have in my wardrobe. I didn't think I would use it much, but it works really well in the summer when florals and green scents get washed out, and also I find it subtle and sophisticated enough to be used in the office. I quite like it, and I paid full (duty free) price for it at an airport with no regrets.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    Awesome. Yes it is really cheap at Marshalls right now. I like nutty scents. I adore burberry Brit for women cuz of the sugared almond note. And there is a walnut note in Rouge that kinda is throwing me off lol.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    I love it, but it's a pretty linear fragrance. Paid $29 bucks for it at TJ Maxx some time ago- is that considered dirt cheap.
    It also doesn't seem to last on me, so I sometimes layer with rose scents to give it a little more depth. I think it is more unisex than the white tea version, which is sweeter.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    I tried it at the Bulgari store... but only on paper. The SA wouldn't let me spray it on myself, since it was for girls! He said it was being discontinued. I liked what I smelled.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari Au The Rouge

    It's a good scent, and my favorite of the four or five bulgaris I have tried. It is unisex enough for me, though it probably leans a bit to the feminine side. I haven't bought a bottle, but I probably would if I found it cheap enough. I am very picky about bottles these days though.

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