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    Question Mood/Health Enhancing fragrances.

    Is there scientific evidence to support that mood and/or health enhancement may be achieved from the use of specific single or combined olfactory sources from nature? If so which sources, floral or otherwise, are they and what specific benefits have been observed? Are the benefits chemical psychotropic reactions or do they have actual physical manifestations. I know this goes beyond the experience and knowledge bases of most of us but, this community has some scientific members who may be able to help us understand this part of fragrance and it's interaction with the body and many are quite good at research using the internet. In any case I think it is an endeavor well worth the effort. An accumulation of contributions to the thread could be illuminating.
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    Default Re: Mood/Health Enhancing fragrances.

    Like "aromatherapy", NTesla? I know there are lots of claims of "scientifically supported evidence" of the the health benefits of many essential oils used in aromatherapy...These topics are elaborated on, on many of the aromatherapy webpages. You might investigate. I am totally ignorant n these matters, but even I have always heard it is proven clinically, for example, that lavender and Roman chamomile calm the pulse and nerve impulses, that mints and citruses speed up the reflexes, etc...

    In fact, I often wonder -- assuming the notes which have parallel functions in aromatherapy are naturally-derived -- if the combinations of therapeutic ingredients in perfumes somehow, unwittingly, account for my attachments to certain smells. I know that I consider certain scents salubrious and healing; for example: GIvenchy Gentleman has always seemed to have an aroma therapeutic effect on my nerves; it really calms me.
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    Default Re: Mood/Health Enhancing fragrances.

    I have the answers to your questions but have little time to do it justice. I hope another member can chime in for you and if not, I'll try to remember to look this thread back up around Christmas when things slow down a bit for me. Cheers!
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    Default Re: Mood/Health Enhancing fragrances.

    There is no recipe or cardinal rule to that to that, since most of the frags I like do actually have this effect!

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    A lot of original Eau de Cologne scents were originally used for medicinal purposes to help cure headaches and such. I'd guess that back in the day it was the pure essential oils helping the ailments however im sure todays synthetic cousins would just make it worse.
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    Default Re: Mood/Health Enhancing fragrances.

    Frags enhance my mood in general, so sorry now I haven't discovered them earlier
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