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    Default Re: Best online stores for essential oils in europe?

    For animal essences you can contact Salaam
    Here's a great source of naturals, they sell retail what Albert Vieille sells wholesale:
    Aqua Oleum is great, as is mentioned, did you know they have a sister site that also sells essences, and also offers suppliers for budding perfumers?

    All the above are members of the Guild, and their supplies are of the highest quality.
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    Default Re: Best online stores for essential oils in europe?

    This is simply a fantastic thread with loads of excellent links. Big thanks to all of you :-)

    I am a four-time Jasmine Award winning fragrance critic, Basenotes contributor and regular columnist for Esprit Magazine and Feelunique. I've also written perfume articles for Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Now Smell This and The Scented Letter, amongst others. My perfume guide, Le Snob: Perfume, is published by Hardie Grant. Click on its title for more info.

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    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Best online stores for essential oils in europe?

    I do not think there is a mock orange flower absolute or CO2 on the market. But you can buy perfume that has mock orange (seringa) in it, at
    You could also make your own by experimenting iwith mixing a few drops of various essential oils/absolutes together, like jasmine, tangerine, lilac, etc.

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    Default Re: Best online stores for essential oils in europe?

    Quote Originally Posted by swe_tiger View Post
    So, i want to start making own perfume and just want som tips on where to get high quality essential oils, bottles etc, at good price in europe. I live in Sweden

    I´ve googled and found these: (doesnt ship to other countries)

    Also, I have some other questions:

    Where can i get amber, musk etc? Cause they doesnt seem to be essential oils.
    Whats the diffrence between Absolute and Essential oil? I havent found s many essential oils for fruits and berries like apple, isnt that categroized as essential oil? Whats the diffrence between perfume oil and essential oil?
    Anyone knows where to get oils from more exotic fruits, flowers, plants etc? Which online store has the most complete selection of essential oils?

    I also want to make a perfume with Mock-orange (Philadelphus), I think its also called syringa.
    White flowers with a scent slightly similar to wild strawberries.

    Thanks in advance
    Dear Sirs,
    I am addressing you on the occasion of buying immortelle oil, I have planted 15 000 seedlings of almonds and this year I did distillation and I distilled 4 L oil. Plots of planted smilies are located in the untouched nature, where the plots are sunny throughout the day. The smilies were made by 2015 in November, and the smilies were not treated with any pesticides. The quality of the oil is unquestioned and I guarantee 100% oil quality and therefore I did an analysis at AGROMEDITARY INSTITUTE IN MOSTAR. The oil analysis parameters are sent to you for inspection.
    Both sides are satisfied with the quality or the price of oil, nor is it the problem of enlarging new lushing grounds, because Dabrica is a fertile land where 700 000 seedlings are owned by several people.

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    Cultivation method: Organic / game

    Dabrica: Dabrica - Herzegovinian village hidden from the public eye.

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