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    Default Favourite woods?

    I am really enjoying my favourite woodsy scents at this time of year.
    Samsara (Sandalwood), Feminite Du Bois (Cedar) and Aomassai (Wenge).
    The latter is particularly unusual - a warm, spicy, resinous wood that comes from the
    Congo region of African and is a dark brown with a pattern on it, as if it had been
    scratched by a wild cat! We have some in our kitchen in France (Wenge that is, not
    wild cats!!)
    What woods do you appreciate in your basenotes?
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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I love warm soft woods, not too spicy. Lately sandalwood has been gettin' some love from me. Lorenzo Villoresi Sandalo, L'Artisan Santal & MPG Sandal Noble are soft simple woods that stay close to the skin.

    But Chanel Bois des Iles is my latest obsession, in edt and parfum. Now that the weather is getting colder, I am craving this one. Also looking for some vintage Samsara parfum. Mmm. A nice warm woody perfume is like a cashmere wrap, cozy & soft.

    I love the look of Wenge wood! So rich with great depth- gorgeous modern style. I can't imagine what it smells like though. Can you compare it to anything?
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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I adore sandalwood, as in Ava Luxe no23 and Bois des Iles.

    But I also love cedar, only if it's well blended....hate that hamster cage note :-)

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I guess I love wood in scents...Among the favourites are Cedar,Sandalwood and Oak.I love the sandalwood in Egoiste and Bois des iles.A Cedarscent I adore is Feminite du bois.For Oak my I go to SL Chene.

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    Sandalwood is my favorite wood note and cedar is my least favorite.

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I like all the woods. Sandalwood sometimes has the tendency to be a 'shaving cream' scent I don't enjoy, though.
    Wenge by Donna Karan is gorgeous. Warm & ambery.
    I also love the woods in Diptque-Tam Dao.
    Bois Oriental by Serge Lutens gets little mention here. It is glorious, IMO.

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    Smile Re: Favourite woods?

    Tumulte Homme by Christian Lacroix.

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I've noticed a particularly metallic note to some sandalwoods lately....Il Profumo's Mysore Sandalwood and even Tam Dao seem this way to me, which is such a disappointment. >slaps own nose in frustration<

    Ava Luxe No23 is the most "pure" sandalwood that avoids this "chrome bubbler" sensation for me, and it has the added benefit of being a great buy at only $20 for a bottle of fragrance oil, that has excellent staying power. Tao is another AL wood, this one more aquatic and light.

    Samsara Parfum is a glorious sweet woody wonderland....

    Feminite de Bois is a wonderful NOT SWEET woody wonderland, unisex despite the name, and a nice alternative to the also gorgeous Cedre, but less hamster-cage-esque.

    I only recently discovered that Opopnax is a wood! Another Ava Luxe must-have is Opopnax Intense, which is as warm and ambery and sexy beyond words.

    AND, if the woods you crave are piney, try CdG Series Red Sequoia. If you like piney + incense, add CdG Series Incense Zagorsk and Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. And, of course, anything coniferous can be found in the Coneheads Social Group!
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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I like the agarwood in Korres Saffron/Amber/Cardamom/Agarwood it is smooth and mellow in this blend. While designated as "masculine", I personally find it extremely smooth & wearable!

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I'm learning that gaiac is a lovely wood. Some fragrances I like with this note:

    Martine Micallef Gaiac
    Martine Micallef Black Sea
    Frapin Caravelle Epicee

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    Sensuous by E L
    La Dolce Vita by Dior
    Samsara I second having tried the vintage extrait recently - quite wonderful.
    Of course Vol de Nuit in extrait which I always seem to forget about ...........
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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    Oh, now I just have to try DK Wenge!!
    Where is it sold?

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I like all woods: sandalwood, cedar, oak, sequoia, agarwood, pine, birch, hinoki...
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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    Quote Originally Posted by kewart View Post
    Oh, now I just have to try DK Wenge!!
    Where is it sold?
    Here's one place you can get a full bottle. I think I got a sample from TPC.

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    I like any wood if it's well integrated, otherwise it can get tedious.

    Vetiver Extraordinaire - woods
    Timbuktu - dry woods
    Chene - woods
    Guerlain Vetiver - woods
    Givenchy Gentleman (vintage) - woods
    Sycomore (new) - woods
    Philosykos - woods
    Yatagan - older stuff - mossy woods/woody oriental
    Bois du Portugal - woody oriental
    New York - woody oriental
    Bandit - dry woods
    Fumerie Turque - woody oriental
    Various oudhs
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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    Quote Originally Posted by YouCanCallMeMo View Post
    I only recently discovered that Opopnax is a wood!
    Opoponax seems to refer to a resin from the herb Opopanax chironium and/or a resin from the Opoponax tree Commiphora erythraea.

    So, are the opoponaxes interchangeable?

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    Default Re: Favourite woods?

    Mmmm must try Chanel Bois des Iles and Philosykos...

    Can anyone recommend any good rosewood/ ho-wood or even ho leaf fragrances please?
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