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    Default XerJoff XXY and Homme- my review

    Review of XerJoff XXY and Homme are at the link below:

    XerJoff is the latest entry in the ultra-luxe perfume category and while most of us will never be able to afford a bottle the line as a whole is worth exploring via samples.
    Homme is something all of the BN leather lovers should try.

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    Default Re: XerJoff XXY and Homme- my review

    Great reviews, SMM!

    XerJoff Homme is indeed one of the best leather fragrances I've ever smelled. For all who are not keen on the (definitely beautiful) Murano glass bottles, the refills one can buy since a while may be interesting. 50 ml of pure perfume for 350 GBP (~$ 560) aren't a bargain either, but seem more justifiable to me.

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    Default Re: XerJoff XXY and Homme- my review

    Hey nice work SMM, how'd you get a hold of the samples btw?

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