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    Default What makes us choose the perfumes that we choose.

    Although we think we decide on which fragrances to wear based on what we like and do not like, this may not be the whole story. According to the following article, there may be evidence to suggest that a genetic factor helps us determine which scents we like on our own person that "amplify in some way body odors that reveal a person's immunogenetics' that help potential mates decide whether or not one's genotype differs enough from their own to promote genetic diversity in their offspring.
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    Default Re: What makes us choose the perfumes that we choose.

    Interesting. I've seen this before, but the re-read was good. I do know that I don't like it when SAs try to get me to wear a scent that I know I don't like. It's almost a gut response, which flies in the face of anything they say, or how I want to feel about it. It's as if they are "messing" with my odor - invading my personal space.

    Perhaps we're not all that far from other mammals which select natural, external odorants for augmenting their own smell. Although I tend to think we do a better job of selecting!
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    Default Re: What makes us choose the perfumes that we choose.

    Very interesting. Thanks for the link!

    (I also bookmarked it with the explicit intention to bomb any future thread about "fragrance that drives men wild" or "cologne that makes women's panties drop" with it. )
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    Default Re: What makes us choose the perfumes that we choose.

    Interesting points thus far, let's keep this one moving

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