Hello you all Basenoters

I like Habit Rouge because as the memory of the impressive personality of one of my uncles, dressed with leather jackets over white shirts and always wearing classy boots...

I was a child in the early 70's and was grown on such heavy smells that epoch was not afraid of. I don't like the synthetic, sweet, nasty smells that are floating today eveywhere. I like natural blends. Maybe this is the reason why I have been myself wearing Givenchy Gentleman for almost twenty years.

My wife recently decided me to change for something more hesperidic, fresh, but still on the oriental or at least spicy side. Something like Habit Rouge but without the vanilla and more citrus. I think of spices over light woods, but with the prominent hesperidic topnote.

Difficult, isn't it? I would be pleased reading your suggestions.
Best greetings from Paris,