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    Default Byredo -- Baudelaire

    The unisex Eau de Parfum rests on the following notes:

    Top: juniper berry, black pepper, caraway
    Mid: incense, hyacinth, leather
    Base: papyrus, patchouli, black amber
    "The sunset is deeper and longer. The scent of the jasmine is stronger." Miracles. Pet Shop Boys

    "Thick dome of jasmine
    (Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine),
    Blends with the rose,
    (That blends with the rose),"
    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881

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    Default Re: Byredo -- Baudelaire

    I love this one. I tried Rose Noir first, nicely done but no sillage. The rest of the Byredo line does not appeal to me, but once again, nice scents, just not for me.

    When I tried Baudelaire, I was quite alarmed at the sharp citrus notes. But the dry-down is just heavenly. Very masculine and sexy. Proves that sexy does not always come in a musk. One of the fav scents I have.

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    Default Re: Byredo -- Baudelaire

    Baudelaire is another fragrance from Byredo that seems very common. I cannot understand this brand, who they want to fool? They charge 200 dollars for 100ml of a fragrance that seems like the ones you can buy at a discount from regular commercial brands, with the same quality and for a price which is 1/4 of the price they charge. There's nothing wrong with the aroma, it's another spicy fragrance, which combines the aroma of juniper and black pepper to a soft incense and a base dominated by amber. It does remind me of fragrance from a local brand here, called O Boticario. Nothing that can resemble in anything the poetry of charles baudelaire -the name doesn't connect in any moment with the fragrance. The only positive thing here is that it doesn't smell like a house product - like their Byredo Blanche, which is the worst of this brand for me.

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