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    Default J. Peterman 1903

    I just wore J. Peterman for the first time. I'm starting a new thread because I searched but couldn't find any other thread on this one alone, even though I could find a few a few weeks ago...don't know why I can't find them now.

    I sprayed on four good shots, and the bottle gives good long shots. After putting it on, it was like a cross between Dunhill Edition (which I think others have found it's similar to) and Fendi Uomo. I find DE has prominent nutmeg/cinnamon, clary sage, and some wood--probably cedar--while FU had that sage in spades along with certain dry aromatic notes, maybe it has some wood too. By the way, I love DE but FU had too much sage and was too dry/aromatic for me, even though Aramis is aromatic and I went through a phase where I wore that a lot (partly because a girlfriend liked it!) Anyway, on me, the Peterman has the nutmeg/cinnamon (but not nearly as much as DE), and it has sage (but not nearly as much as FU). It also has a subtle smoky quality (nowhere near as much as, say, Bel Ami), probably a combo of the frankincense and labdanum. I don't get any leather or tobacco, though the base is certainly present with some kind of woody quality. And I don't get any real citrus notes coming through. It's mainly the spices/sage/smoky/slight hard wood. By the way, I didn't get any root beer smell like some who wrote reviews on the review page said they noticed.

    After several hours, the nutmeg/cinnamon toned down and continued with the sage, smoke and slight wood.

    Sillage for four sprays was somewhere between medium and low, while longevity was good for my needs, five or six hours.

    Bottom line: J. Peterman is pleasant and a throwback to classic power scents, but there isn't as much power, perhaps due to the cologne strength rather than EDT, and my personal opinion is that the artistry of composition is lacking compared to several classics. Quality-wise, I'll undoubtedly wear Dunhill Edition much more than J. Peterman, because the quality comes through more and because it's stronger, but I'm sure I'll wear J. Peterman occasionally because it's a pleasant scent, and I usually prefer scents that have the types of notes that it has or professes to have, like the leather, tobacco, etc. You may find J. Peterman enjoyable too.

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    Default Re: J. Peterman 1903

    The bottle is kind of neat, in a eco-friendly kind of way.

    Where did you buy your bottle? From the website?

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    Default Re: J. Peterman 1903

    I bought a bottle off their website, nice classic cologne

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