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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Balle de Match & Oyedo

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    ^^^ speaking of which, I'm looking at a bottle of Concentree De PR! I've never heard of this as an EdT before, anyone know what the deal is? It's a sample from the boutique.
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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Quote Originally Posted by MFJ View Post
    +1 Bulgari Extreme. The grapefruit note is very noticeable - I really like it.
    To add, this is definitely a sleeper. Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse. I think it is under exposed. I didn't notice up till now that it's something from 1975, surprising because it smells rather contemporary vs. the likes of Colonia or Eau Sauvage. Straight-forward citrus scent with very decent longevity. If you like the zingy metallic/briny Creed feature, you'll notice a fair share here.

    At times, Bulgari Extreme's grapefruit can be a little too sharp... still a really good creation applied just enough..

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    There was a period I was interested in grapefruit - this particular essential oil makes you smell younger, or so they say - and a favorite was the uni-note EdT from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Do they still make that?

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    For some reason not clear to me, there seem to be a lot of men. especially men new to fragrance, who LOVVVVVVVVVVE citrus scents and seek a long lasting one.

    Through endless threads here and in other forums, there would seem to few, if any, citrus scents with any sort of "citrus" longevity. But the BN suggestions above may fit the bill for OP.

    From the posts above, Bulgari Extreme seems worth a sniff for sure.

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Guerlain Homme l'Eau

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Yet another hearty shout for PdN's Balle de Match... lasts surprisingly long and smells absolutely wonderful. Mine will be getting put through it's paces this Summer for sure!

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron199 View Post
    Balle de Match PdN. Graprfruit prominent throughout. Light woody drydown combined with incense. As with all her fragrances well blended, and a pleasure to wear.
    +1 Balle de Match...the grapefruit is strong and prominent, longevity is very good....though I don't like this fragrance very much (the grapefruit is a little too rich for my taste), if you're going for a straight grapefruit scent, this is it.

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Biehl AL03

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    Jo Malone I forgot the name though.


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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    I've had the Kiehls grapefruit oil and it lasts a fairly long time and is easily reapplied. I'd add a recommendation for Pamplelune, and also suggest Calyx.

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    I like Lacoste Essential Sport (the one with the blue juice). It's the tartest, and sourest grapefruit note that I've ran across. Also, Lacoste is supposed to use some kind of new technology to make the top notes last longer in their Essential line and it seems to work. I'm not sure why this one gets some bad reviews, but for a long lasting, sour grapefruit, it's a winner in my book. (and I like it far better than original Lacoste Essential).

    Also, I agree, that I Am King smells amazing. Celebrity scent or not, it is one of the most unique fruity/citrus scents on the market (thanks to the cranberry/tangerine accord). Also, I just got a compliment earlier this week while wearing I Am King. I will agree though, that longevity is really bad (far worse than Sean Jean's other great scent, Unforgivable). But I find that if I spray I Am King on my clothes as well, it does help to extend it's life quite a bit. Also, it is now finally hitting Marshalls/TJ Maxx, so it is finally reasonable in price (compared to it's longevity and how quickly you would use a bottle). But, longevity issues aside; Sean Jean's I Am King is still a definite buy in my book for a great, unique and very fun, sexy summer scent. (Smells amazing in 90 degree F plus days).

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    Cool Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    1. Google Luckyscents

    2. Look up Profumi del Forte under "brands "

    3. Go to Forte plus Forte

    4. Buy it blind for $195 and never read another of my reviews if you don't love it

    5. Or better yet, send them $4 for a 0.7ml sample.


    Grapefruit is one of the main notes but it does not stick out like a sore thumb unlike, for example, Nina Ricci's Memorie d'Homme which imho should have been titled Memorie d' Grapefruit

    Instead this is a a well blended citrus scent.

    For a citrus, it lasts forever, being EdP strength.
    I would describe it as 'tart' or bracing, not 'green' or coniferous or--

    Aw hell, here are the notes:

    Bergamot, lavender, tarragon, petit grain, grapefruit, Clove, jasmine, Florentine Iris, Oak moss, patchouli, Tonka bean, white musk

    I'd review it but we only have 2 of this brand in our directory thus far, and this is not one of them.


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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    I agree also. Not a good candidate for a blind buy, though...
    Yep. Smells like a garbage dump.

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    Default Re: Long lasting grapefruit fragrance ?

    Longlasting citrus - Versace Pour Homme

    I agree about Bvlgari.
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