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    Default A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Good Evening,

    I would like to expand my wardrobe; so far it is quite limited: Divine L'Homme De Coeur, Micallef Red Sea, Miller et Bertaux L'eau de Parfum #2 land/spiritus and CK one.

    I have already ordered a sample of Montale's Red Vetyver, and sampled Lalique Encre Noir... anyways, I need your help for something else.

    I have a scented candle by Millefiori Milano ("] The scent is called 'bois de cedre' and it is described as:
    "A cluster of woody scents. Dry notes of cedar and guaiacum, tones of vanilla veiled by an eastern carpet, arriving from afar."
    I would like to get a fragrance that smells pretty much exactly like that scented candle, since I absolutely love it
    If any of you know this scent, please recommend me some fragrances, if you dont know it, please feel free to throw in some suggestions based on the description from the website (I couldn't give a better description for want of objectivity )
    The only parts I would have to add is that the scent is warm and does not smell of incense, if that helps.

    Edit: I played around with the Advanced Search and this is what I came up with:
    Armani He
    Lancome Miracle Homme
    L'Artisan Parfumeur Navegar
    Mark Buxton Nameless
    Mark Buxton Sounds and Vision
    Bond No. 9 Brooklyn
    Bond No. 9 Chinatown
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Hard to say without actually smelling it (or having a lot of experienced noses providing reviews), but I've found Celine Fever to be a great woody frag, and I've tried most of the CdG incense ones, as well as some cheapos, like Visit. I now prefer CF by a wide margin.

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    One of these two might strike you (I get them mixed up, it's been a while since I sampled last)

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Le Boise (Ginestet).

    Pure cedar (albeit, with limited longevity).

    Bonus: Comes in what looks like a miniature wine bottle, in a cedarwood box.

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    First of all many thanks for the suggestions!
    I have sampled Etro's Sandalo today and I have to say that even though the top notes and middle notes are a bit too acerbic and definitely too incense-heavy, its drydown is really quite similar to what I am looking for... warm and woody (I am not experienced enough to provide a clear definition of the notes).
    Nevertheless, I would imagine that there are more dead-on fits out there, since I find that there is still a pronounced difference between sandalwood and cedarwood...
    Alright, so I hope that this can sort of point you in the right direction... Could anyone care to comment on the fragrances I found when I searched for a combination of cedarwood and guaiacwood?
    Oh, and one last question: How can I actualy find the fragrances you mentioned? Some of them seem to be quite niche-y...

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Except for the Mark Buxton scents (with which I have no experience) I don't find any of the other scents other than Armani He to be primarily cedarwood, at least as a front and center note. He fits but its a bit of an odd take on cedarwood in my estimation.

    Le Bois is available from Luckyscent.

    I should have mentioned a few others.

    Cedro / Cedar (Acca Kappa) is a marvelous cedar based scent but on my skin at least, it has no longevity.

    Cédre (06130) is also another smooth cedar fragrance, if a bit light.

    Comme des Garçons 2 is built around cedar and vetiver but is a more complex fragrance than you might want. Still worth a sample.

    Gucci Rush (out of production unfortunately) is a good cedarwood scent. You can find it occasionally online.
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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Ok, I tried Les Baux by L'Occtiane and found it to be more of cypress than cedarwood scent.
    I also tried Armani He and thought it was too aquatic.
    So now I also sampled Bois 1920 Extreme and Bois du Portugal which I found too ascerbic. Then I tried Bond No. 9 Silver Factory on my skin and Etro Sandalo again (in combination with Etro Ambra) and I have to say that what I am looking for is pretty much Sandalo or Silver Factory minus the incense notes. Any further suggestions? I am looking for Celine Fever, but apparently it is not distributed in Germany anymore... And Acca Kappa is also hard to come by, but possible. 06130 is completely unheard of and Ginestet is also hard to come by. This week I will try to find Mark Buxton and report back with results.
    Thanks for all the help so far.

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Have you smelled Gucci Pour Homme (the original in the brown bottle)?

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Creamy cedar?
    Christian Lacroix TUMULTE
    And two discontinued fragrances: Gucci RUSH and Cacharel NEMO
    Also give Azzaro Visit a try
    And, avoiding the Incense series, try CDG Series Red PALISANDER.
    All of these share the similar woody and mellow at the same time.
    For an inexpensive take on Sandalwood, try Alizabeth Arden ARDEN MEN SANDALWOOD.
    Cheers!!! And hope that you find what you want!


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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    I would definitely try Andy Tauer's L'air du Desert Marocain. Are you near a big city in Germany? Otherwise most niche is available in sample form via Aus Liebe zum Duft or Esssenza Nobile .
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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance

    Another one I forgot:
    Give TAM DAO by Diptyque a try....

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    Default Re: A "bois de cedre" fragrance


    Cédre (06130) is available on LuckyScent

    as is Le Boise (Ginestet)

    LuckyScent sells samples for a reasonable amount so you can test their fragrances prior to purchase.

    One other really strong, longlasting cedar scent that I nearly forgot is Montale's Greyland which is hard to find but available at (you guessed it) LuckyScent:

    I have always had great experiences buying from LuckyScent, btw.

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