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    Default Some gifts for a US beginner

    I have a 1oz Curve, 3.4oz Arber, 4oz Grey Flannel, 1.5oz Royal Copenhagen, 3.4oz Habit Rouge and the hardcover edition of Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez's Perfumes: The Guide. I will also throw in some assorted samples I've collected. If there's a lady in your life (or you are the lady responding), I also have a sealed tube of Red Door scented lotion I got free in a recent purchase that I can send you as well.

    I will send everything to a newbie Basenoter who registered on Basenotes before I posted this and who has a very small or non-existent wardrobe and considers themselves just starting out in their fragrance journey.

    All I ask is that you write a paragraph about what the fragrance world means to you. You can include your memories of relatives or certain fragrances or humorous or embarrassing anecdotes from your life or even a scientific approach if you have an interest in that. Really write anything at all. If you've tried any of the fragrances that I am giving away I'd also love to see you write a mini-review on any or all of them.

    This is my little way of giving back to a community that has given me a great deal of knowledge and has allowed me to appreciate an art form that I might not otherwise have known about.

    I will pick someone on Wednesday and arrange shipping through the PM feature.

    Thank you all very much and Merry Christmas!
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    Default Re: Some free things for a US beginner

    What a thoughtful gesture, PorkFat!

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    Default Re: Some free things for a US beginner

    Porkfat, very nice and thoughtful of you. There are also "freebie" threads on both male and female discussion forums that can be used for a similar purpose, just so people know to look there also. I know that when I was starting out only a short time ago, the generous gestures from this community helped me out a lot.

    So newbies, take full advantage of this and other generous offers, and enjoy your experience with fragrance adventures!

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Wow, such a generous offer! I'll take a shot as I am definitely a beginner.

    What the fragrance world means to me: To be completely honest, I can tell you anything you want to know about the qualities of a nice micro-brew, but when it comes to fragrance Iím bordering on clueless. I have only recently, within the past month or so, really started to become interested in fragrance. The same complexity of flavor that makes me enjoy a homebrew or a single-malt scotch is what really intrigues me about the fragrance world. Iím in my early thirties and I am making a career switch from a research scientist (where personal appearance hardly matters) to a psychologist, and it really got me thinking about how I portray myself in a sophisticated and professional manner. I have memories of how my dad smelled after taking a run, how my grandpa reeked of pipe smoke, and of overly perfumed frat boys out at the bars in college. None of these scents are anything that I aspire to re-create, and I think I have almost been anti-fragrance for most of my life. As long as I had a deodorant/antiperspirant that covered up my b.o., I was happy. I have a bottle of Abercrombie and Fitch Woods that my (now) wife bought me over 10 years ago when we started dating. It's pretty much the only thing that I have used for formal occasions. So, I guess to me, the fragrance world to me represents an exciting new path on my journey of maturation, self-expression, and education. I am interested to understand more of the history of landmark fragrances as well as trends of current fragrances and hopefully pick up my own style along the way.

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Very nice entry, Woods! If everyone writes an entry like that it will be difficult for me to choose!

    Just added Habit Rouge EdT I realized I haven't worn since I purchased it.
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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Nobody else? Otherwise Woods gets the package by default come tomorrow afternoon.
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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Wow, very generous of you PorkFat.

    Come on newbies! This is a great deal!

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Well this was kind of lame. Looks like Woods wins by default. I think your entry scared off the would-be contestants. Either that or writing a paragraph was too much like work

    OK, Woods, PM me your address and you'll have the package sent out by Friday.

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentronic View Post

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Well damn I only just noticed your post on SA about this PorkFat.

    I started getting into fragrances early last year. It was still winter here in Wisconsin, and I was at a friends apartment with a group, and one guy joined us who was wearing Burberry London. He's a pretty stylish guy and I was already jealous of him, but when a girl on the opposite side of the apartment lavished high praise on him the the cologne he was wearing I became absolutely envious of the attention he got simply because he smelled good. Prior to this I avoided cologne like the plague, but looking back it was because no one ever enlightened me as to what fragrances could be like. So after this episode I started reading the fragrance thread at Something Awful, got a little frag education in me, and ordered several decants. My life hasn't been the same. That may sound silly but now that I know what good fragrances are like it's true. Ive experienced many different scents that bring out varied emotions. I can be warm in the cold weather, feel confident as I step out for the night, feel fresh and energetic, etc. Frags can also create great conversation pieces when wearing an awesome scent the people around you may not have smelled before, and cause a little envy in other guys around you when you get complimented Another thing that I love about fragrances is the sense of luxury and exclusivity I get from owning and wearing them. Who else in my town is rocking Derring Do? I'd be uber surprised if I smelled it on anyone in this area. So frags allow me to feel a little extra special.

    As for all the stuff you listed above the only thing I've smelled is Curve. My estranged father actually bought me a 1oz of that years ago as part of a badly thought out Christmas gift, and I threw it away at the time because I didn't appreciate it. Now I smell Curve at stores and curse my younger self.

    I count myself as a beginner as I personally own only 4 actual bottles as of right now, but I plan on adding many more to my wardrobe and continuing to expand my knowledge of fragrances.

    edit: and I realize this may be late, but hell, I enjoyed writing it.
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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by Napoleon View Post
    Well damn I only just noticed your post on SA about this PorkFat.
    Sorry man, it's already been awarded to Woods. I should have mentioned that there was a Wednesday deadline in the SA thread.

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Thanks again, PorkFat! Bummer more people didn't get involved, but hey, a win is a win in my book!

    Hopefully I can build up a nice enough collection where I will be able to return the favor to someone else down the line. Can't wait till it arrives!

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    Default Re: Some gifts for a US beginner

    Ah, I should read the forum more.

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