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    Default The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    I have been intrigued by the original Moroccan Oil, mask, etc... but I never shelled out the bucks because I have fine, straight, oily hair and I figured it would no doubt make my hair limp and probably oily faster.
    I was in Sally around Thanksgiving and they had these trial size bottle of The One 'n Only Argan Treatment for 1.99. Now I realize that this 'treatment' is in no way straight Moroccan oil, this stuff has alot of 'cones.
    I used just a tiny dab (less than the size of a dime) for my entire head, concentrating mainly on the ends of my hair. Now my hair is long (past bra strap in the back). After rubbing it down the length of my hair, I gently touched my palms to my roots and the front of my head. This stuff smells sooo good. I'm pretty sure it's cut down on the time of my blow-drying, too. My hair is really shiny and so manageable. I got two compliments the first week I started using it. I went back and got a full size bottle for 7.99. I am pretty sure this bigger bottle will last me 2+ years. I didn't like the way the product dispensed from the bottle so I bought a glass bottle with a dropper and that is how I dispense it now onto my hand. Just wanted to share in case anyone has been considering trying this.

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    I use and adore the Moroccan Oil for hair- although I have also wondered about how much silicone is in it. I adore the scent ( it's like MPG Or des Indes!) and also use the Moroccan Oil Curl Cream. Both my younger daughter and I use it- we have thick coarse wavy hair and both look like Krusty the Clown if we don't smooth it with something. It is a LIFESAVER.

    I know Kiehls and Josie Maran both have true Argan oils that can be used on hair but again, bet some silicones are *slipped* (LOL) in there somewhere. Although Josie Maran's stuff is supposed to be organic/natural. I tried the Kiehls but think I used too much as my hair looked slicked lol

    I will look for your recommendation- my other daughter has fine silky hair but its quite long so she needs to use something on the ends. The Moroccan Oil is way too heavy for her hair.
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    Default Re: The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    Glad to read a good review of that. I saw it at Sally's the other day and couldn't believe the price difference between that and my Moroccon Oil.

    I actually did a bottle split of the Moroccan Oil with a friend, and my half-bottle has lasted me well over a year now. I don't use it daily, and it takes just a few drops when I do use it. If I ever get it used up, maybe I'll give the Sally's a try.

    (Oh, and they should bottle the fragrance of Moroccan Oil. Heavenly! I would happily wear it as perfume!)

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    The secret of all the various "Moroccan Oil" type products is silicone. But then silicone is more or less your one true friend when it comes to hair care. The serums are usually a mix of D5,D4,D6 and a heavy weight silicone gum. Sometimes they include phenyl trimethicone for high shine, or amodimethicone for serious conditioning, or a little mineral oil/isoparaffin.

    IMHO the best of these products is the Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil, which has a bunch of extra conditioning agents in it.

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    Default Re: The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    Intrigued by Moroccan Oil but I have used Keratase Oleo Relax for yonks - the orange bottle - I love it- it does a great job - pre blow drying to add shine and sleekness or on dry hair for shine. Fab stuff.
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    Default Re: The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    I had my hair cut a couple of weeks or so ago, and the stylist used what seemed like half a bottle of Moroccan oil on my hair - my hair is coarse and wavy and I have way too much of it - I guess it helped tame it. My hair just sucks up any product you put in it. I had never heard of it before, but I was more interested in the scent than what it was doing to my hair, lol! It smells wonderful! (Btw, I HATE my haircut! Must wait for it grow out - sigh!)

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    Default Re: The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    Regularly been using argan oil-based skin care products (though not hair care ones) and, so far, the skin moisturizing effect was very good (but may have just been lucky due to personal skin chemistry).

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    Default Re: The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    There are different grades of Argan Oil, even one for cooking with.

    The one used on hair is usually mixed with other products hence it has a smell.

    The skin grade will be unscented or have a faint nutty smell. Just be careful which one you use on your face. It can be bought unbranded cheaply around £12.00 for 100mls skincare quality.

    I have used pure Argan Oil on my face and I have sensitive roseaca skin.
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    Default Re: The One 'n Only Argan Treatment.....

    This might be off topic but do you know any fragrances similar to the smell of Moroccanoil for hair? It's just so so good!

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