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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    I love YSL men's fragrances (except L'Homme and La Nuit L'Homme).
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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    I only like M7, but I can appreciate some of the others, such as Jazz Prestige and even Kouros (though I didn't think much of the men's Opium, or of the last 2, as you might guess). It seems like it's such a "hit or miss" thing, even for the "big guns" like Chanel, that I don't really worry about the company name. One thing I tell people about frags is that you never know what company might produce a really good one, and possibly at a "bargain basement" price, especially if you see it at TJ Maxx. LOL.

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    By far my favorite. I can easily say that YSL is the reason i got so into fragrances.

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    I love YSL men's fragrances (except L'Homme and La Nuit L'Homme).
    Was at a YSL booth at Myer this afternoon doing my xmas shopping. Asked if I could have a sample of Rive G'auche or M7... the saleswoman didn't even know what they were! Apparently L'Homme is the "it" fragrance" at the moment as well

    Then to top it off she pretty much dismissed me when she decided I wasn't going to be tricked into buying L'Homme.

    All it takes is 1 bad SA to turn away customers I guess. Last weekend I ended up buying Thierry Mugler's Alien/Alien Sunessance, gucci by gucci and DKNY be delicious as gifts and I'd put that down to the SA who was friendly knowledgeable and didn't look down on a customer because of their age.

    Rive G'auche and M7 I'll find another day I guess

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
    I am just itching for YSL to come out with another fragrance ( this is wishful thinking, as La Nuit is not even 1 years old).
    Me too. And I hope it's ground-breaking. I remember when I smelled Kouros for the first time - I was just blown away. I know it's not reasonable for us to expect that kind of thing routinely, but it's hard not to wish for it.

    We probably don't have too much longer to wait. Any more, if you don't have something in the wings that's starting to get buzz when the last one is starting to cool down, you're just not keeping up. It will be interesting to see what it is. There's probably another flanker or two in the L'Homme line, but IMO it would definitely be better to go with something completely different for the next release. I'm still up in the air about Parisienne. The first time I smelled it, I was pretty thrilled, and was telling my wife that it reallys showed YSL still having the right stuff. And then the last time I smelled it - less impressed. Not sure - I might have been having an off-nose day. I really need to sniff it some more until I get a solid impression.

    We'll see!
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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Not only are YSL frags good but their prices are so much cheaper than other designer frags. Plus most YSL frags pack very good sillage and longevity. Now that's real value for money
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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Whatever they're doing is great. Their frags are so distinct one from the other; so different from a house like Aramis, for instance, where so many things are variations on the leather chypre. And yet there's some feeling of coherence to the line. It may have as much as anything to do with the excellence of their clean, austere packing and bottle design, and the sense that even when the frags are casual in feel--as Jazz and RGpH are to me--they have a sort of grown-up and gentlemanly near-austerity that is quite stylish. YSL is a line that reminds me that the relationship between fashion and perfume can be a useful one, and that in some ways it's a necessary one. That is, occasion does influence what I wear, both perfume and clothing.
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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    My 2nd favorite house. So many great offerings. I seem to like everything they do.

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    YSL is great.....have excellent relation quality/price.....the best!

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    I haven't tried many of their scents but I hope to in the near future! I plan on buying a sample of M7 to see what the fuss is all about. Even though it's gonna be discontinued soon.. I hope I don't like it.

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Great Frags, This house is possibly the most underated in the industry

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Quote Originally Posted by CanwllCorfe View Post
    I haven't tried many of their scents but I hope to in the near future! I plan on buying a sample of M7 to see what the fuss is all about. Even though it's gonna be discontinued soon.. I hope I don't like it.
    It is? I guess I am pretty out of touch, or I may have missed some thread or forgot about it's discontinuation. SAD! Any idea of the source you read/heard that from? Thanks in advance man.

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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    I love and adore YSL also. I currently have Jazz and L'Homme. I need to replenish on Rive Gauche and Live Jazz. These fragrances are so unique, top quality, and reasonably priced. This house is a winner. Jazz is just truly amazing.
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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Another YSL fan here!

    Currently own:
    Kouros Cologne Sport
    YSL por Homme
    Rive Gauche pour Homme

    Owned & Loved:
    Jazz Prestige
    Kouros Eau de Sport
    YSL pour Homme Concentree

    Love does not extend to L'Homme and flankers though
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    Default Re: YSL Appreciation

    Oh, YSL, my love.. It's anant-gard perfume house. It's more avant-gard than Commes des Garcons.

    I have and love Kouros and Rive Gauche.
    Ordered YSL pour homme - personal scent of monsieur Saint Laurent. I have some sentiments about this fragrance..
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