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    Question Unscented aftershave and cologne?

    When I got out of the shower today I put some Lab Series aftershave on. It's unscented and I've used it for a while. Then right away I put some D&G pour Homme on. It didn't smell right, or even close to what it usually smelled like. I normally wait a few minutes between application of my aftershave and cologne. Is it possible the lotion wasn't dry and mixed with the cologne and gave me a different scent even though Lab is unscented? I don't recall it ever happening before with other frags, but this is only the third time I've worn this particular one. Anyone else have an issue like this?
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    Default Re: Unscented aftershave and cologne?

    Which Lab Series aftershave did u use ?

    Lab Series products are not unscented but fragrance free I believe. So there still will be a scent from the Lab Series aftershave. That might have influenced the smell of D&G PH.
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    It could very well be that the two mixed to create an off smelling concoction. Most all, fragrance free/unscented, products have added properties or ingredients to reduce their perceived smell.

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