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Thread: Serge Lutens

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    Default Serge Lutens

    I'm going to make a trip and I would like a bit of help..
    Which fragrance by Serge Lutens do you suggest me to try? I like the oriental perfumes, but not those sweets.
    I know that this niche is the master of oriental fragranses..

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    I just discovered them myself, so I wouldn't be much help to you. I'll probably own half of them by this time next year though. Good stuff!

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Ambre Sultan
    Fille en Aiguilles
    Serge Noire
    Vetiver Oriental
    Borneo 1834
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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    If your trip is to Paris: Sarrasin. Also make sure you smell La Myrrhe (my fav perhaps) and Iris Silver Mist, though they are not orientals.
    Non Paris exclusives: +1 for Borneo 1834
    And Arabie is suitably oriental and non-sweet, though I don't like it as much as the above.


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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    I will trip to Milan.. Really, where can I find S.L. there?

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Check out this link for info about perfume shops in Milano:

    10 Corso Como sells Serge Lutens, or at least they did when this was written last year.

    Also, you should try the Mazzolari fragrances while you are there. Mazzolari is from Milano.

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    You can find SL in a few places, including also the Mazzolari stores mentioned above (a couple, near San Babila and via Montenapoleone. Their most famous perfume is called Mazzolari Lui). But only the export line, not the Paris exclusive, which is sold only in Paris.

    As the other link was suggesting, you should try Profumo in via Brera for many niche brands, including Etat Libre d'Orange and Tauer, and l'Olfattorio, in a side street near via Montenapoleone, which carries l'Artisan and Rosine (this store is interesting because they make you smell the perfume in little paper cone that you get to keep - coated in plastic, the cones are very persistent).


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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Another vote for Lutens Vetiver Oriental. Fabulous!

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Do you know a shop in Milan that has certainly SL? A friend who lives there can't find it..

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Yous have the list of the shop everywhere on the planet on the official Serge Lutens website...

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Quote Originally Posted by Mon-Petit View Post
    Yous have the list of the shop everywhere on the planet on the official Serge Lutens website...
    thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    Looking at the list suggested by Mon Petit's list, Mazzolari (corso Matteotti) is listed, and I remember seeing LT there last year. I haven't checked the others. La Rinascente (the big dept store in front of Duomo) is also listed, I didn't look for it there, but it's another place worth looking, for that and other brands.


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    Default Re: Serge Lutens

    A not so sweet Lutens? Hmmmm Iris Silver Mist comes to mind immediately, and some of that Chene - well definitely not as sweet as most. Maybe Borneo, this one has a bitter thing going on with cocoa and patch, deceptive sweetness going on.
    Serge Noire isn't diabetic either.

    Whatever it is, please just try some Chergui while you are at it. I was never into the syrup trip until Chergui and Cedre, quite the revelation I was badly needing. Yes, I find Chergui sweet, in the nicest way.

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