I recently spent some time in Las Vegas and was fortunate enough to make quite a few stops in the Guerlain boutique at Bellagio and Venetian.
Long story short: I can't get enough of Jicky (EdT) and MdM. They are similar yet wonderfully different.
Because of my new love I've read the stories of Guerlain and the birth of Shalimar: take Jicky and add vanillin get Shalimar.
I have somewhat avoided Shalimar because I had smelled it years and years ago and recall not liking it but I am wondering if I am depriving myself of knowing a sibling of my dear Jicky. I also see Shalimar being heavily discounted and I am tempted to make a cheap blind buy.
For those in the know, would it follow that I will like Shalimar better now that I have found the joys of Jicky and MdM? And of course if so, what strength should I try?