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    Default Finding a old bottle of cologne

    Back when i was in 7th/8th grade i had Claiborne sport and it smelt really good, and by the time i was in 10th grade (2003) they switched up the formula i believe and it has been a different scent since. I was wondering how can i find a old bottle if possible???
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    Default Re: Finding a old bottle of cologne

    personally your best bet is Ebay
    however, there are alot of really outstanding sport scents out there that would smell loads better than claibborne sport (never tried it though)
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    Default Re: Finding a old bottle of cologne

    I have a older bottle of Claiborne Sport for sale on my "for sale" thread. I dont know if this is the vintage you want, but I bought in a group with other vintage cologne. The bottle is clear and so is the juice. The opening reminds me of GIT. Check out my for sale thread at

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    Default Re: Finding a old bottle of cologne

    I always thought the smell of Claiborne Sport could be achieved by mixing Claiborne Curve and RL Polo Sport--To me, it smells like a cross of the two.

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