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    Default Finding a old bottle of cologne

    Back when i was in 7th/8th grade i had Claiborne sport and it smelt really good, and by the time i was in 10th grade (2003) they switched up the formula i believe and it has been a different scent since. I was wondering how can i find a old bottle if possible???
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    I have a older bottle of Claiborne Sport for sale on my "for sale" thread. I dont know if this is the vintage you want, but I bought in a group with other vintage cologne. The bottle is clear and so is the juice. The opening reminds me of GIT. Check out my for sale thread at

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    I always thought the smell of Claiborne Sport could be achieved by mixing Claiborne Curve and RL Polo Sport--To me, it smells like a cross of the two.

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