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    Default Similar CREED scents

    hey guys well i've smelt most of the creed fragrances and I love them, however they are a little pricey for me and i was looking for different alternatives.

    here are some creeds i truly love!:

    Green Irish Tweed: been told it smells like cool water


    Millésime Impérial: heard it smells like unforgivable by sean jean

    Silver Mountain Water:

    thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    SMW = CK One
    Himalaya = Paco Rabanne XS

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    SMW = is rumored to smell like Hamptons by Bond No. 9 (not any less pricey)
    Himalaya to me smells like Mambo by Liz Claiborne to my nose.

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    IMO SMW is pretty unique. I don't think I have smelled any designer close to it.

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    As I said in another of your threads. Get the real deal. Don't settle for the imitator.

    If you like Imperiale, get a small bottle for $80 from fragrancenet. That's what I did.

    Yes, Unforgivable evidently smells like MI. But it ISN'T MI. Same with SMW. I've never heard of anything that smells like that.

    I know it's easy for me to spend your money, but if you really like the Creeds, be patient and find a way to get them. If you know you only bought Unforgivable because it smells like something else you really like, you'll know it whenever you wear it. Your opinion is the only one that counts.

    If you're really just into the the smell of MI, great. Unforgivable seems to be in same ballpark according to many. But it's not the original. Don't wear these imitators and kid yourself or others it's Creed.

    If you love the scent of Unforgivable or Cool Water- fantastic. Wear them proudly - as Unforgivable and Cool Water.

    You decide.
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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    Davidoff Coolwater is as close to GIT, as Paco Rabanne XS pour Homme is to Himalaya. The differences are noticeable, but the similarities are far more astounding. Agreed with StylinLA, SMW is unique, I've not experienced anything that I feel is similar to it. I've yet to try the Sean John, so I can't comment on its connection with MI. - Just my opinion!

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    IMO Unforgivable doesn't smell remotely like MI, Bonds Wall Street, yes. I've only recently come to this conclusion, but there is simply no alternative for MI. Both Wall Street and Unforgivable have a green, watery, synthetic orange feel to them, while MI is a golden hue, more rounded, significantly different IMO.
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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    GIT = Coolwater
    MI = Unforgivable
    Himalaya = Paco Rabanne XS
    SMW = Not sure

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    bump, I'm interested if there are anymore similarities...
    like Mugler Cologne = Creed OV?

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    After smelling MI and loving it, and then Unforgivable, I realized something. I'm guilty of searching for smell-a-likes of more expensive fragrances in the past, but like others have recommended-if you like it that much, get a decant or save up enough to get the real thing. MI and Unforgivable for example. Though Unforgivable has an uncanny resemblance to MI, it's lacking that extra zing that MI has. Don't settle. It would be one thing if you couldn't detect any difference between the two and decided to go with the more economical one, but if YOU notice the difference, I wouldn't settle on a consolation fragrance.

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    i've heard Original Santal has similarities with Chanel Allure Homme/Lalique Le Faune

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    Default Re: Similar CREED scents

    You can buy those "watered down" copies if you will, but i`m sure you will not be satisfied before you get the real stuff.. Start save money!

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