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    Question Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    This particular question goes out especially to the ladies of Basenotes, since I'm a guy who would just love to know if anyone from the Basenotes ladies ever has considered and/or even worn Rochas Man, although, especially here on Basenotes we all know full well that the gender-based separation of frags is mainly marketing-related, as well the fact that most ladies like to be quite liberal and experimental with male frags, as much as the gentlemen with female frags. This topic might be more appropriate for the Male Fragrance Discussion Board, yet the main factor which eventually made me post this thread on the Female Fragrance Discussion Board instead was some apparently surprising feedback it got while wearing this frag.
    Frankly speaking, apart from the already proverbial compliments thanks to this frags, a very frequent feedback I got to this frag was something like: "where can I get this", "is this frag unisex?", "I would like to wear this myself".
    So, in your opinion, is this frag a likely candidate for being worn by ladies too?
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    Default Re: Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    I definitely think that Rochas Man can be worn by a woman. To me it is a softer version of Bond No. 9 New Haarlem, or perhaps it is the other way around, New Haarlem is a stronger version of Rohas Man. To my nose it is a gourmand vanilla centric fragrance.

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    Default Re: Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    i think almost every gourmand can be worn by a female

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    Default Re: Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    I have a bottle of Rochas Man and wear it. I actually prefer Bond #9 New Haarlem but that is much more expensive. RM is similar enough to satisfy my though.

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    Default Re: Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    I think yes, easily. I think it's much easier for ladies to pull off a [marketed to] men's scent than the other way around. I envy them for that!
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    Default Re: Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    In my perspective, yes, and with this deposited towards hypothesis. I believe that most gourmand frags should be considered unisex if they're not blended with strong spices and chypres..thus it's sweet with common peppers and tender chypres
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    Default Re: Does Rochas Man have unisex potential?

    yes, definitely. I bought it for my brother and have applied it a few times on myself. It's very soft, vanillay, gourmand.
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