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    I discovered this today after looking for an alternative to Ghost Deepest Night (not to be confused with Deep Night), and I'd read that this shared some of the warmth and spicey vanillary-ness....

    After the inital Vanilla Fields blast, this dried down to a most delicious spicey vanilla/amber.

    I know there are a lot of oriental vanilla frags out there, and need a little help in finding ones with a similar feel to Casmir (or indeed Deepest Night). It is deep, warm and spicey, comforting but not gourmand. It creates a warm radiating glow of scent, but wears quite close to the skin, so others don't have to suffer if it isnt their cup of tea! Oh, and it seems to last for ages!

    I do not get on with Shalimar, Samsara, Angel or Opium for example, which is why I need a little guidance!
    I own and love Kenzo Amour, JPG Classique and L'Occitane Ambre, Dior Addict and Lolta Lempicka L, but they aren't quite what I'm after.

    I hope that all makes sense - Many thanks!

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    You should try how is working on you Allure eau de parfum , its a deep ,warm base ,oriental vanilla .

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