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    Question Heliotrope/Ambre.

    I am looking for a soliflor heliotrope fragrance as I have become addicted to this note and to ambre as well. Any suggestions as to an acquisiton of one or both of these, my favorite notes?

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    Etro Heliotrope is a very good one

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    Yes, and I have a 95% 100 ml bottle of Etro's Heliotrope to swap !

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    Default Re: Heliotrope/Ambre.

    Guerlain Après l'Ondée has a beautiful heliotrope note in the Art-Nouveau style:

    Après l'Ondée
    Jacques Guerlain
    Floral Oriental
    Top note: Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli, Blackcurrant
    Middle note: Carnation, Violet, Mimosa, Sandalwood
    Base note: Vanilla, Benzoin, Orris Root, Heliotrope
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    PTLiver Heliotrope Blanc, is just as good as the Etro.

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    Luctor et Emergo by POTL
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    Default Re: Heliotrope/Ambre.

    This is going to sound weird, but have you smelled Old Spice? I think both of these notes are presented in OS...nothing like Jaipur Homme, much less refined and luxurious, but it might surprise you.
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    Have you tried Hypnotic Poison?

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    Default Re: Heliotrope/Ambre.

    Vuarnet Duo Homme

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