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Thread: Macassar Rochas

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    Default Macassar Rochas

    Are there any fragrances similar to Macassar by Rochas. I like Macassar but can only find a sample, and since it is so hard tro find, I am looking for a similar alternative. Thank you, Sam

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    I own some Macassar and I can't think of anything else even close to it. If there is something still in production I'd like to know.

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Hey Sam...going after a real heavy hitter I see.

    Try contacting this place. It's a mom and pop owned perfume store in the middle of Beverly Hills that I stumbled into by mistake.

    They may have Macassar. Their web site is a little disorganized, so I recommend calling them. 310-888-8807

    They did have One Man Show too. I don't know that it's scent is like Macassar, but it's the same vein as a very loud, masculine 80s over-the-top powerhouse.

    I can vouch for them in that they are a pretty big reputable store.
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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    OK...went thru my collection...
    And the winner is: Fendi UOMO.

    The top is very close to Versace Green Jeans, but give it an hour or so and a lighter Macassar shows up.
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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Gah! So Macassar is discontinued?? thats a mighty shame! I loved the whole concept...Seems extremely verdant and Oriental!
    I get certain vibes from the color of the liquid...*Strange Yet Ironic* Will love to try it!!

    Cheers and take Care!

    - Balava
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    - Anonymous


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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    One of the best leather/tobacco chypre ever. A giant of charming masculinity.
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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Quote Originally Posted by Darvant View Post
    One of the best leather/tobacco chypre ever. A giant of charming masculinity.
    Completely agree with you.

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Wonderful scent. Glad I have a large bottle in my collection.

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Any updates on this? Just wondering if anyone has since discovered any fragrance that shares similarities with Macassar? I'm really interested in trying this but can't find samples anywhere for sale....I'm just trying to get a sense for what this one smells like, but the reviews are all over the place. I'd pay a pretty penny for a sample. Don't wanna blind buy a bottle.

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Maybe FENDI UOMO... just a little. Yatagan has some air, and I think this Caron it's even cruder, and drier. Try them.

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Seconding One Man Show

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    Default Re: Macassar Rochas

    Macassar stays alone. There are no other similar perfumes from the ones i have come across.
    I agree with Darvant.

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