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    Default similar scents to zino + A*men

    hey guys i was looking for some scents that are similar to zino davidoff and A*men!!

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    Similar to A*Men: Rochas Man smells somehow similar, I can hardly think of of another frag comparable to A*Men now

    Similar to Zino: well, Creed Bois du Portugal, Rocabar by Hermes, Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme do hove some notes in common with Zino

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    Guerlain's Héritage shares much in common with Zino.
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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    thanks guys i was thinking since i have rochas man would it be a waste to by a*men and maybey go with somethign like B*men or A*men pure coffee

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    B*Men and pure Coffee are both very good frags, get them if you can

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    You would need to mention if you like or dislike the A*Men tar note, at the very least (also, do you mind something more subtle?). Similarly, with Zino, you need to be specific. Zino has a lot going on. I once described it as a combination of TdH, Ungaro 2, and Jovan Sex Appeal for men, for example (I haven't sampled it in well over a year because I didn't like it).
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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    Bois 1920 Extreme has some similarities with Zino.

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    There are analogies between Zino, Salvador Dali pour Homme and Guerlain's Heritage, but Heritage is more refined than Zino, while Zino is gentler than Salvador Dali. In other words, Heritage is sweeter, subtler and more refined as well as less pungent than the rest of the bunch, I even find traces of the guerlinade in it; Salvador Dalí smells bolder compared to the previous ones. I hope this description helps.

    Regarding A*Men, I cannot recall exact chocolate and caramel top notes in other scents the way I perceve in it. In terms of sweetness, there are three comming to my mind: TL pour Lui by Ted Lapidus, which is dominated by sweet fruit-like amberish notes, Jacomo Red shares similarities in its chocolate/caramel sweetnes without the cloyness I perceive in A*Men; Escada's Casual Friday tunes the sweetness around cocoa notes and patchouly. Unfortunately, this one is discontinued and very hard to find.

    B*Men is sweet but blended with notes some describe as rhubarb. In my case, it has base notes quite similar to a synthetic musk EO wich is akin to the one used in Avon's Woody Musk and in Dana`s Canoe - as a matter of fact, I use it in order to make Dana's Canoe stronger and more durable.

    A*Men Pure Malt is A*Men without the cloyness, so I would dare to say it does not have much to do with the original one.

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    Hi, I do see what you're looking for, So I might suggest A*Men Pure Coffee.

    Also, Body Kouros (With it's berry/incense finish) is quite Gourmand..Though D&G The One Is Very Gorumand!
    I get chocolate with peppermint gum, Quite Seductive!

    Cheers and good luck!

    - Balava
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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    A*Man.. V&R Flowerbomb smells even more masculine, haha..
    unico grande amore.

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    To me Givenchy Play Intense smells exactly like A*Men. (with all pros and cons)

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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    Zino is one of my favorites and as such, I am running low on my bottle. Lots that I've sampled over the last year remind me of Zino and I've been having some difficulty deciding whether to branch out or replace. Cost is a factor too.

    Heritage is definitely similar, but more polished (i tried the edp). Tiffany for Men and Bois 1920 Extreme seem like stronger versions of Zino with slight differences. Tiffany has that Chanel/Polge perfect blending thing going on and seems sensuous, while Bois 1920 is more raw and rough hewn. I don't smell the similarity with BdP, VC&A, or Rocabar. I'll probably go with Heritage and eventually a back up of Zino unless I find a great deal on Tiffany.

    I've actually never tried Angel or A*Men.
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    Default Re: similar scents to zino + A*men

    Heritage is very similar to Zino; I agree that Hertiage is the more sophisticated of the two.

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