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    Default In Phoenix Airport

    I saw a fragrance display in one of the southwestern gift shops. There was an EdP for the ladies ("Turquoise and Silver") and Tumbleweed and Sage Cologne for Men. These are not in the directory as far as I can tell, and were mentioned once but not discussed.

    I had seen bigger bottles of this at some Az+NM national park visitor centers and other touristed places, but at this shop there was a tester out and 1/4 oz minis for $10, so I went for it. The package says "Manufactured for Desert Scents LLC, Placitas NM 87403."

    It does in fact start out sagey, with a fairly sharp astringence over moderately sweet honey-like undertones, but then ultimately the drydown smells like certain shampoos. But this is OK, because at the same times these particular herbs do smell like desert shrubs and bushes that I've run into in western states. So there's a new image to associate with that good old-fashioned shampoo smell! (compared to, say, Grabazzi, which I thought was a heavier sweet, unambiguously shampooey drydown)

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    Default Re: In Phoenix Airport

    Yes - I've seen these! I waffled on picking up the men's in some visitor center. I think I was spoiled by too many good aromatic herbal fragrances, and it just didn't seem unique enough. Also, I was going to be in Vegas shortly after, and was looking forward to some nice scents, so I held off. Nice names, though - those are 4 of my favorite Western icons.
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