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    How long is the life expectancy of an unopened box of cologne? I want to keep a couple backups of my favorite cologne.

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    Depends on the composition of the blend and storage conditions. Usually, as per my experience, time will take its toll in the loss of top notes after five to ten years (or more) of storage, but I insist, it depends - for example, among fragrances owned by my Grandmother, a small flask of Shalimar extract dating from the 1930's smells perfectly well, while what is left of a bottle of eau de cologne has a dark brown sediment, so if you want to try it you have to shake it, then it would turn milky brown... ugly, but still nice smelling. On the other hand, a bottle of an eau de lavande went bad after five years: the oil got separated from the alcohol and the smell was literally that of rotten flowers.

    Store the bottles in a dry place away from sunlight. Take in mind evaporation and concentration of essential oils, so use the content of the opened bottle as fast as possible.

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    As I already told on various other occasions, when I got myself a vintage bottle of Horizon by Guy Laroche from 1993, it was still perfectly well as an unopened box in 2002 and, in 2010, it still smells largely unharmed, without having turned sour and/or losing its lasting power.
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    Default Re: fragrance question

    What is this favorite cologne? It's ingredients will dictate how long it stays right and exact, so long as it stays cool, dry, and dark.

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    A sealed scent can lose some quality after 2/3 years of production.CAN.But most designer scents have a longer lifespan.The problem is that nobody can tell you wich date it is produced and how long it has been in the store.Its difficult to understand the codes on the boxes.Some scents are allready 3 years old when we buy them.I have about 30 scents,use them in rotation,some off them are older then 5 years.Two off them went bad,and smelled like a death mouse;Mugler Cologne and Eau de Cartier.So two times a bad turned scent is not a real problem I guess.Buy and use scents,store them in a dark place,keep them in their boxes and when there comes a time that one smells bad,well,spray on a good one and keep smiling.

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