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    Default just received my first creed

    Hello, I recently purchased my first Creed (millesime imperial) online from Midtown Perfumes for a fairly good price ($105) and received it today. With all the talk about fake Creeds and taking into account the favorable price of the fragrance, I just wanted to get a few responses from the kind folks here so my conscience will be free. Unfortunately I don't know what the fragrance is SUPPOSED to smell like since this was a blind buy and I've never smelled it before. The bottle is 4oz and it's the new clear bottle. Based on what I've gathered from this site, the clear bottles seem to be safe from counterfeit. Is this really the case or should I still be looking for certain signs and details that may render my bottle a counterfeit? I guess I can always take it to Neiman Marcus and maybe do a comparison or ask the salesperson. I appreciate any inputs/responses. Thanks!

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    Default Re: just received my first creed

    It's real.

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    Default Re: just received my first creed

    Amir-8 posts since august 2006! your are indeed the Basenotes Monk of the last 5 years. I hope your bottle is authentic.
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    Default Re: just received my first creed

    Thanks to both of you. And yes lol, although I do not post frequently I visit this site quite regularly. I typically just lurk in the shadows and learn from the wisdom that emanates from all the discussions

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    Default Re: just received my first creed

    Sounds real to me, MI is a critically acclaimed successor!

    Enjoy it!
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    Default Re: just received my first creed

    All the Creed counterfeit talk can drive you batty when you're first getting into them. If it's a reputable business, odds are it's real.

    The other thing they can make people nuts with Creeds is that there is a fair amount of difference for some discerning noses from one bottle to the next. i.e. The bottle of MI you're using now may smell slightly different than the next bottle you buy.

    I had it happen with GIT that I purchased from Nieman Marcus, so I know there's no chance of a fake involved.

    The bigger question I always have is where do businesses like Midtown Perfumes and a similar place I go to in Beverly Hills get the Creeds they sell and why can they sell them so much cheaper? That confuses me.
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    Default Re: just received my first creed

    They either get old stock, b-stock, or just keep their profit margin much lower.

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