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    Default LF female perfume recommendation.

    Hey everyone thanks for reading. I'm not versed on female perfume so I figured I would ask in here so I know what to look for when I go out to sample. My Girlfriend doesn't wear much for perfume as she is put off by floral scents(esp rose) & vanilla, infact the only scents she has atm is sandalwood and a strawberry scented oil. I would like to try and find her something she would like without having to exhaust her with the heavy florals out there.

    Sum it up.
    Yes - Fruity, woods, spice

    No - Floral, vanilla

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    Default Re: LF female perfume recommendation.

    Can you give us an idea as to your price range? It would help us make suggestions.
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    Default Re: LF female perfume recommendation.

    Price isn't much of a concern :-) my main concern is being able to find somewhere to smell it before purchasing. Being in Canada it seems we don't have as many places to buy frags. I've made some regretful blind purchases of colognes myself and would like to avoid that scenario again if possible lol

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    Default Re: LF female perfume recommendation.

    I'd say your first stop would be Feminite du Bois from Serge Lutens.

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