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    Looking for opinions on Paco Rabanne's 1 Million. I'm thinking of buying this blind since it isn't sold in the states. Can someone give me a couple comparables?

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    Its a good sweet woodsy/fruity/spicy frag, it starts off real good with the bloodorange and later on comes the cinnamon

    the longevity and sillage are great for the first few hours (i get 6-10 hours)

    Although the drydown can be, as some say, a bit feminine

    If you like sweet scents i think you'll like this one

    it kinda reminds me of Black XS in some way

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    There are some recent opinions here.

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    Still haven't tried this, but with everyone saying it's far too sweet, I'll get my fruit and cinnamon fix from L'Anarchiste.

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    Personally, it reminds me a lot of Lapidus pour Homme.

    1 Million has a lot going on, aromatic herbs and spices as well as floral notes, warm woods and soft leather.

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    yeah i had it and its got lots of sweet and fruits in it and it great for anywhere last long time!

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