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    Default Who tried Oriscent agarwood oil,s and what do you think of them?

    Hi all!

    I'm new here. I'm Alawi El-Jifri from Saudi Arabia ( Makkah), and I've joined this forum seeking friendly, honest people who can direct me in the right direction while selecting the finest of oud oils.

    I've ran into oriscent's website by chance, and I was indeed impressed by the way he presented his products. Eventhough the reviews posted in his web speak positively of his oils, I'm still probing the quality of these highly priced incenses.

    For those who were lucky enough to wear Ensar's oud, what are your feedback on them, and do you recommend me to buy from him?

    His Assam Kinam and Royal Kinam are the priciest I've seen in his store, but some people are leaning more towards Sheikh's Borneo for a reason. Is it more special than those other two?

    What about E-Bay's list of oud oils? I've seen a few that did seduce me.

    I'm quite skeptical and afraid of paying 180- 470 dollars on a 3ml bottle just so that I'll regret it later on.

    If you people could help me lay my hands on the most exquisite types of agarwood oils in the market, and through the net, then I'll be most grateful to all of you.

    My utmost apology if this topic was taken care of previously.

    Yours cordially,


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    Default Re: Who tried Oriscent agarwood oil,s and what do you think of them?

    Hi Al, welcome to Basenotes! You've asked a lot of questions and you can find answers to all these (and much more ) in the Oud Social Group and on the Oud thread. Generally speaking, Oriscent's oils are of top quality and each has its unique character, there are tons of reviews and in-depth insights in those two discussions I've linked above.

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    Default Re: Who tried Oriscent agarwood oil,s and what do you think of them?

    Welcome to the forums Oudh Seeker

    I can highly recommend Oriscent to you as all of the Ouds I have tried from them so far have been of excellent quality! Generally speaking, I understand that Cambodian and Indian Ouds are highly regarded within the gulf. As per your query, I would definately recommend Assam Kinam and Royal Kinam. Ouds of such quality that you cannot easily find within the gulf. Assam Kinam is an Indian Oud while Royal Kinam is sourced from Hong Kong.

    Now in regards to Shiekh's Borneo, that also is very nice but you would need to appreaciate Borneo, Tarakan Ouds to come to like this oil. It is very sweet, resinious, herbal, etheral and woody in character. Totally different from a Hindi or Cambodi Dhen Al Oud.

    It really comes down to what type of Oud you like best? If you would head my advice, I would suggest to intially buy the sampler pack and sample each oil properly and with due patience, give each oil some time then decide what suits you the best.

    Then from their, your decision as to which Oud you should buy should become much easier

    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: Who tried Oriscent agarwood oil,s and what do you think of them?

    While I'm not an expert on Oud, I was very pleased with the sampler pack I got from Oriscents. Each vial contains .3 ml of delicious oud. I've been using his Oud Assam in my perfumes because it's sustainable and find it complex and satisfying if not as much as wild oud.

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