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    Default Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    I started out gung ho about this fragrance. However, after one days wear, I have been sneezing my head off. I don't know if its the fragrance or the weather. All the sudden, I am starting to think I can't wear it although I thinks its a great fragrance. Has anyone else had this reaction?
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    I wore this quite a bit and had no issues with that sort of reaction (even with heavy application). I sold my bottle as it was just "blah" to me and I was never really excited about it.

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    Have you had that reaction to any other scent? If so which ones? That may help in pin-pointing the constituent to which you are allergic. For instance, one of the most common allergens in perfumery is orris root (and I suffer from that particular allergy myself). It can cause violent reactions in some people. Even if "Iris" is not listed as a note it may be present. I have only sniffed GV at the department stores; I haven't given it a full wear yet. You may want to give it another try on a different day and make sure it wasn't something environmental causing your reaction.
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