Feuilee d' Herbe (Leaf of Grass) was made in four 'seasons.'
Printemps/Spring is Light & Green (Léger & Vert).
Eté/Summer is Floral & Fruity - or Fresh & Floral (depending on which L'Occitane description you choose to use from the Eau De Parfum box insert).
L'Autumn/Fall is Light & Spicy (Légère & Épicé).
L'Hiver/Winter is...????(couldn't find the information for this one)

According to an article I found "Feuille d' Herbe is uniquely packaged in glass containers in the shape of flowerpots" (at http://findarticles.com/p/articles/m.../ai_n26195003/). However, I disagree with this description as it does not resemble a flowerpot to me - even if I was sloshed!

(It looks more like a glass cylinder in shape, with a bulbous/round-ish clear plastic cap. The label is silver with 'Feuille d'herbe' (along with L'Occitane en Provence) embossed. The box and a sticker on the bottle of the perfume are all that indicate which season you have - although the bottle sticker does not state either Eté/Summer, but rather 'Floral/Fruitee' and 'Fresh/Floral' on it. The sticker will not likely stay on the bottle long.

Some of the seasons you have listed on the fragrance directory - but without the "Feuille d'Herbe." Also some of the seasons aren't listed as such, but rather as the fragrances associated with the season (i.e. 'Floral & Fruity' or 'Florale & Fruitée' instead).

I also recall the saleswoman telling me that it was a limited edition fragrance series. I believe that they only made it for about one year before discontinuing it (for all of the four seasons).

P.S. Some of these fragrances are listed under other names such as....
Fraîche and Épicée instead of Feuille d'Herbe - L'Autumn/Autumn (Fraîche & Épicée/Light & Spicy)
Florale and Fruitée instead of Feuille d'Herbe - Eté/Summer (Florale & Fruitée/Fresh &Floral)
Fraîche and Herbacée instead of Feuille d'Herbe - Printemps/Spring (Fraîche & Herbacée/Light & Green/)
Feuille d'Herbe - Fraîche & Epicée- instead of Feuille d'Herbe - L'Autumn/Autumn (Light & Spicy/Fraîche & Epicée)
Feuille d'Herbe - Fraîche & Herbacée instead of Feuille d'Herbe (Light & Green/Fraîche & Herbacée)

I hope this helps, and isn't too confusing!