Hello ladies,

I'm just curious how Amouage Gold Woman (new formulation in the new bottle) differs from Amouage Gold man, for any who may have tried both. I am just giving Gold Man (the new formulation in the new bottle) it's first full wearing tonight and I absolutely love it. It's floral, yes, but very rich and warm and comforting. It indeed smells of the color gold - with the labdanum, ambergris and frankincense adding warmth and "yellow" notes to the mostly white, floral notes. After about an hour or so it is a warm and ever so slightly dusty scent that smells like sniffing the finest incense sticks imaginable.

How does the woman's compare? Is it more predominantly floral (the men's is only very floral for the first hour or so and, upon application, becomes less so by the minute)? Has the incense been toned down?

Btw, if you are reading this 3xasif, you should really get yourself a sample of Gold Man (and maybe Gold Woman, too.). While it smells different than Or Des Indes, it is similar in some ways and I think you will absolutely love it. I immediately thought of you after putting some on. It does the "gold" theme extreme justice, and is actually just as if not more wearable than Or Des Indes as long as you apply in extreme moderation (one spray to the chest, or less!) It is quite possibly the - objectively speaking - highest quality smelling perfume I"ve ever sniffed (besting Amouage Homage and Creed Windsor, easily) and is, even if you end up disliking it, a benchmark scent worth sniffing. The official samples are cheap at Beauty Encounter and wearing only a single spray at a time would stretch a single 2ml sample a long ways. I imagine mine will last me a good 15 wearings or more.

Anyhow, any feedback is appreciated. Ooh, one more question for those who've sniffed them both - is Ubar far more feminine than Gold Man? Ubar and Gold Woman are now the only two Amouages I've not sniffed. I think I'll have to remedy that soon