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Thread: Mixing perfumes

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    Default Mixing perfumes

    I'm curious as to favorite perfume combinations here. Does anyone like to mix their sprays or liquids on themselves for a different and unique fragrance? Or are most happy with the individual perfumes out there (as in being quite uniquely mixed at the factory). I'm looking for names of perfumes that go well together that you like to combine.

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    I tend to mix perfumes by mistake- happy accidents sometimes, others, well not so much. Sometimes I forget what I've spritzed earlier in the day....or in the case of a dark room, no reading glasses or similarly bottled just happens

    I mixed Heeley Iris de Nuit with SMN Melograno and the reactions from others were quite positive. I kept getting whiffs of myself and have to say I found the mix intoxicating.

    Chanel Beige goes quite nicely with Bois des Iles- another case of look alike bottles....

    Jo Malone Pomegranite Noir with White Jasmine & Mint is gorgeous, as is White Jasmine & Mint with Vintage Gardenia, although that is kind of cheating as Jo Malone scents are meant to layer...

    And I love to layer my musk scents with almost everything
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    Those combos sound delish! thanks!

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    Default Re: Mixing perfumes

    I've had a lot of luck doing this, especially when layering different fragrances from the same house. And my favorite way to combine fragrances is by using a perfumed body cream with a different fragrance spray on top.

    Estee Lauder's Youth Dew body cream plus EL's Pleasures Delight edp spray is fantastic! The YD tones down the sweetness a bit and gives the composition some weight, but the beautiful ripe strawberry note of Pleasures Delight is still very present - bright juicy pink and delicious.

    Youth Dew body cream and EL's Spellbound edp combine to make a lusher, sexier, and just better (imo, of course) version of Spellbound, which I really like but find just a bit too potent and thickly sweet on its own.

    Actually, YD body cream has a calming and softening effect on a lot of fragrances that may seem too sweet, or too sharp. I've also combined it with EL's Pure White Linen. I love PWL on its own during the spring and summer months, but the YD gives it a softness and warmth that I enjoy more in the winter. It just seems to make everything cozier.

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    My favourite combinations are Narciso rodriguez layered with Nahema and Samsara layered with Tam Dao.
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    Default Re: Mixing perfumes

    I tend to end up with a turbo boosted Mitsouko by adding Gucci by Gucci to it .
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    Default Re: Mixing perfumes

    What great ideas! And it makes sense to mix house scents together for some reason I hadn't thought of that. And lotions and perfumes, also hadn't thought of that one. Going to try everyone's suggestions and hope there are more to come in the days ahead.

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    Default Re: Mixing perfumes

    I have found that Ambre Gris layers well Encre Noir and Hermes Hiris layers well with Arpege Pour Homme. Europeans, I am told, have been layering for quite a long time to achieve enhanced scents. One I am going to try is combining one spray of Aomassai with two sprays of Amber Sultan. The Aomassai might do well with Ambre Gris too.
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    I love Mitsouko and Gucci PH for peachy incense. Shalimar (edc) and Opium (edt) actually go quite well together (sparingly). Encre Noire and M7 is another favorite.
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    I don't personally like to mix perfumes, I find it otiose because in a way I feel as If I'm offending the perfumer...I don't know, I guess I just like to appreciate a single colloid of perfectly crafted notes!

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