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    Default Alexa Lixfeld at Luckyscent

    nwatts posted over on the Female Board here about the three new scents from Alexa Lixfeld, but I wanted to get the discussion going over here as well. The handmade concrete tops are a nice touch - they remind me a bit of the packaging of Nasomatto scents, both in size and shape. Post your thoughts here if you've tried them - I think I'll order a few samples and see what they're all about. Here is their page over on Luckscent.
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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld at Luckyscent

    I got the email regarding them as well. LOVE the packaging, and yes very Nasomatto-like. I await your opinion JR.
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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld at Luckyscent

    love the packaging, quite pricy no?

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