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    Default Dirty English from Walmart

    I bought a giftset around Christmas of Dirty English consisting of a cologne and aftershave tonic. I've been wearing the cologne and it seems a bit weak. Months before buying D.E., I was given a small spray sample and it seemed much stronger. (Macy's or Nordstrom's?). Maybe some evaporation took place in the sample because I remember it being very dark for such a small amount. The packaging looks legit but I wonder if Walmart and stories I've heard about them buys watered down juice. The price of D.E. elsewhere is much higher. I paid $20. In the end, I think D.E. is very nice. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Dirty English from Walmart

    I don't know if this happened in this case, but Walmart has actually been known to have manufacturers make cheaper products specifically for them, which then obviously aren't as good quality as products bought from other stores.

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    Default Re: Dirty English from Walmart

    What's the colour like of the juice you received from Walmart? From what I can remember, my sample was quite a dark amber colour.

    Also, does the box have specific details mentioning that it was made specifically to be distributed by Walmart?

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    Default Re: Dirty English from Walmart

    The colour was kind of amber, maybe light brown. I saved all the packaging because I thought I scored a memorable deal and thought I should save it. No word about Walmart unless in a code or something. There is a note about a distributor which may or may not have some meaning. The sample was dark amber and so strong that a good spray on the wrist lasted all day. The Walmart D.E. seems lighter to me. I might pop the cap on the sample and decant some of the Walmart D.E. in and see if it looks different. Being softer than Gucci PH and similar, I thought it was going to be my holy grail of fragrances. That said I still love it, I just use more.
    Thanks for the response.

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    Default Re: Dirty English from Walmart

    If it's the 1oz bottle, that bottle was specifically designed with less detail than the higher-end bottles and was sold only to mass-marketers. The cap is just a plain cap instead of the molded cap with charms, and the detail on the front is matte. As far as I know, the juice is the same. The color may be lighter, I'm not sure about that.
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    Default Re: Dirty English from Walmart

    (sorry to resurrect, I'm just curious)

    You guys really think they'd put different juice in the bottle? I'd be very surprised by that. An exclusive pack, sure, maybe a special bottle for different sizes, of course, but different juice?
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