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    Default Un Jardin Sur Le Nil versus green valley

    Both scents appear to be unisex but are quite suitable for men. I wanted some thoughts on these two scents when they are compared.

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    Default Re: Un Jardin Sur Le Nil versus green valley

    both scents are poles apart from each other... Green Valley is a minty green scent with touch of berries and hint of tea accord. the mint in it can get cloying over a period of time. i was overwhelmed with the 120 ml bottle i had..swapped it away.. however, i wouldnt mind a 30 ml bottle of the same. Un Jardin Sur le nil is the olfactory equivalent of having "sour" green mango along with it's skin. it has a "tangy fresh" vibe to it if you it's not sweet. i simply "love" it!
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    Default Re: Un Jardin Sur Le Nil versus green valley

    Jenson's description of both scents is excellent. I agree with that they're two entirely different scents. Hermes' JSLN was an impulse buy for me when it first came out (I also bought the body lotion SIGH) and what I really got from it was a strong tangerine/mango accord with a slightly complex dry-down. When I decided I was finished with citrus prominent fragrances I swapped it off.

    Green Valley is one that I love when I first apply it but get tired of quickly and can't find much appreciation for its dry-down. I prefer GIT, though at one point it was the other way around!

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