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    Default Advise me some frags based on personal taste

    Which frags would you advise me based on a list of my top scent?

    - Musc Ravageur (my numero uno)
    - Cartier Declaration
    - YSL M7
    - Ambre Sultan
    - Ambre Fetiche
    - Guearlain Vetiver
    - AdP Colonia
    - Concentrée D'Orange Verte
    - Mure er Musc Extreme
    - Virgin Island Water

    Scents of which I like the smell, but don't find bottle worthy (due to alternatives or synthetic smell)
    - Green Irish Tweed
    - Aqua di Gio
    - L'eau D'Issey
    - Eau Sauvage
    - Cool Water
    - Terre d'Hermes
    - Pi
    - Le Male
    - Joop Homme
    - Angel Man

    Also please mention if you know of any compliment getters
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