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Thread: Vetiver quest

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpk View Post
    Encre Noire is a very true and good vetiver
    This was too strong for me. However, I do like the Claus Porto Vetyver soap that I am using. Anything that is similar to the soap?

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    Vintage Guerlain Vetiver edc is indeed fantastic but, alas, discontinued. The current edt is good as well, though. Smelled it last night on a French aquaintance and it was really nice. My best long term friend wears it pretty often and I wear it occasionally and do like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-dub View Post
    another vote for creed vetiver (1948). there are a couple bottles of vintage guerlain eau de vetiver edc that are maaaarvelous.

    eric b
    I agree with both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gupts View Post
    Oh man...this one is a stinker when it comes out of the bottle.....give it some time to settle down and you'd be rewarded with a gorgeous earthy vetiver drydown......this stuff has some serious tenacity too......definitely try worthy for vetiver fans but not for people who like their vetiver clean.......
    On me, this one is rather "clean", even when straight out of the bottle, though I know some on the forum find this version of Vetiver "dark".
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    A new one to try is Zizan by Ormonde Jayne. It has a citrusy top, but the vetiver is very nice! By the way, Ormonde Jayne now sells their perfumes in smaller travel sprays (similar to Malle). I also have to agree with Amit that Querelle is very good too!
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    Lots of good suggestions here. Another that I would suggest, since you're looking for something bright and work-friendly, is Guerlain's Vetiver eau glacee. It's like the original but without the tobacco and with some additional bright/minty notes.

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    Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpk View Post
    If you like Sel de Vetiver you should try Montale's Vetiver des Sables. Cheaper price tag, extremely cheaper if you consider sillage. A fragrance that does not list vetiver in the pyramid but comes off as a vetiver scent is Lalique's Equus, Really great stuff.
    Thanks for sharing, I'll try to sample those.

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    Rive Gauche,
    Vetiver by L'artisan
    Vétiver Extraordinaire By Frederic Malle
    Guerlain Vetiver (Light Applications)
    ++ More!

    Good luck!

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    - Anonymous


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    Cool Re: Vetiver quest

    Vetiver Extraordinaire is not my favorite but it sure as hell ain't bad and it's certainly a " bright take" " It radiates light.

    Guerlian is my favorite. I have the vintage version but I enjoyed the brashness of the new one, once it settled down. A+

    Annick Goutal's salty offering I compare favorably to CDG's Vettiveru. It has some resemblance. I think it's better, but some may just feel like eating fish and chips with it.

    I Suggest decants of all 3.

    Have you tried Lowe para Hombre? Not exactly a " pure " vetiver scent, but it does sparkle and is versatile enough to double as office wear.

    Glad you're back and posting. Welcome back to the madness!


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    After all the discussions on the reformulation of Route du Vetiver, I think it is time to see the new version for what it really is: a bright floral vetiver. So a decant of that might be a good idea. Not the old one thugh.

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    I second especially Lanvin Vetiver, from all the ones mentioned, simply because it's an underrated good quality designer vetiver frag, also quite affordable.

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