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    Default What am I missing from my collection?

    I just started reading this website for the past couple months and it got me interested in expanding my cologne selection. I have a few bottles but I was wondering if anyone wanted to review what I have and give me suggestions for particular scents I should add. For what it's worth, I'm a 23 year old college student just about ready to graduate.

    Three that I've had for a while are

    Polo Blue
    Armani Code
    Victoria Secret's Very Sexy for Him

    I recently just bought a set of used cologne's off eBay that included:

    Angel B-Men
    Dior Homme
    Lanvin Vetyver
    Guerlain L'Instant
    Rochas Man
    Yves Saint Laurent M7
    Hanae Mori

    Anyone have any suggestions for what else to get?

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    Default Re: What am I missing from my collection?

    Oh so you're the guy that won that auction, it was actually put on by another member believe it or not! There are some fantastic fragrances included in that lot such as Dior Homme, Guerlain L'Instant, and YSL M7. You have the beginnings to a great wardrobe! If I could lend you some advice it would be to purchase samples instead of full bottles in case you don't enjoy some. Once you have a few posts you can buy/sell/trade your unwanted fragrances in the BST area. Here's a link to some fantastic sampler packs if you have the funds available (classified by both notes, and level of experience):

    Samples Sets by Notes - Great option if you know which notes you like/dislike
    Sample Sets by Level of Experience - Great variety packs here based on your experience level

    Any other questions feel free to PM me.

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    Default Re: What am I missing from my collection?

    Which Kenzo? Pour Homme in the dark blue bottle?

    Out of what you have, what do you like best? Least?

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    Default Re: What am I missing from my collection?

    I recently started expanding my very limited collection as well. In the last 2 months I've accumulated almost 40 fragrances. Let me tell you straight away - YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MISSING SOMETHING FROM YOUR COLLECTION. Thats the great thing ( or curse as it may be) about fragrances. If you have department stores nearby that would be a great place to "sniff around" and find something you like before you purchase it on Ebay ( for a lot less money most of the time ). Also, as another member mentioned, decants from The Perfumed Court are a great way to sample a lot of different scents and "get to know them" before you commit to buying a full bottle- especially with the pricier fragrances. You can also find some "steals" on partial bottles if you put in a little time on Ebay. Don't be afraid of trying some of the "drugstore" or "TJMaxx" scents. There are some decent fragrances that can be had on the cheap ( Lucky Brand for example - look it up, read the reviews ). Also don't be afraid to try some of the women's fragrances. There are so many men's fragrances that are sweet or flowery, nobody will know. Well, within reason of course. I picked up a partial bottle of vintage Shalimar and my girlfriend said I smelled really good. She was shocked when I told her what is was- especially because it's one of the fragrances she wears! In the end, it all boils down to your personal taste ( and possibly what will make your girlfriend's panties drop like it's prom night ). Remember... one man's "Nectar of the Gods" is another man's "Stale Cat Urine".

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    Default Re: What am I missing from my collection?

    Well, you've got a nice collection so far mate! It's nigh worthy of another YSL frag though in my opinion. Try out Kouros, it's mildly animalic though is crisp, masculine and robustly woody! Tender spices occupied with bergamot and lemon chypres. Beautiful I must say!

    Do try!

    Cheers and Take Care!

    - Balava
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    - Anonymous


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