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    Question Memoire by Sheseido

    Memoire is a rose and heliotrope fragrance, of which, I can't seem to find much info. I hear it only sells in Japan. Anyone have some information?

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    No info at all, N_Tesla, but I wish I could sniff that one. It sounds nice. I love heliotrope.

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    see the 9th review at bottom of the page.
    if your computer can't display japanese character, here is the english translation by google :P

    Memoire (Mar. 1963)
    I now remain in the war, this is the first fragrance release. I still have very sharp flavor is a classic ambiance with a Rose. It seems that even those in the violet and sandalwood come out since the mid-Rose. Rose, Violet, is in the middle of the pyramid itself has come out in the order that each one may be nice sandalwood No. There deep. Originally released in 1000 is likely Parfum 7ml the yen it was.

    by another translator:
    9 Memoire (March, 1963)
    At first, this is a smell of the sale though it is a memoir that will remain soon. It is atmosphere of rose with classical though the smell remains very clearly. They come out since middle though there seem to be a violet and a sandalwood in the rose, too. Is the first middle there a depth, wonderful though is a pyramid around come out in order such as the rose, violets, and sandalwoods or .. At first, [parufamu] of 7ml seeming had been a sale 1,000 yen.

    both two are not well-translated...but still can get the meaning roughly. Maybe you can contact the site owner directly (info[at], I think he/she will tell you more details about the scent and its background.
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