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    Default Jo Malone Collection

    I was in Neiman Marcus yesterday sniffing around for a new scent and ended up leaving with this: Jo Malone Cologne Collection set of Six. 100$

    The bottles are 9ml each:
    Sweet Lime and Cedar
    Lime Basil, and Mandarin
    nectarine blossom and honey
    Pomegranate Noir
    White Jasmine and Mint

    Now that I have them home and am able to see reviews here< I see mixed thoughts on them as stand alone scents. What are your thoughts on the layering aspect of them, and have you had good experiences with them?
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    I've sampled various ones from the line. i think Malone does have a sort of signature "feel" to them, in my mind they're all sort of light and airy with a bright sparkling fruityness or so... I think some feel they lack sillage and longevity but I do find they're ok on both but just hold close to the skin. My clothes still smell a day later but the sillage is minimal. I'd say best for hot weather.

    Of those i've tried, I've only ventured for larger decants of the sweet lime & cedar and the Pomegranate noire, though black vetiver also peaked my interest. I think there is some talk about the company in one of Burr's books, maybe Emperor or scent?

    I think they're usually about $1.50/ml, so the mix pack is a slight premium but I'd think it's worth it to be able to try many at once.

    As for layering, that's something I haven't experimented with much but I'd be curious to hear what happens if/when you do.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    Pretty boxes and nice store presentations. My experience with Jo Malone is that I would rather spend more money on other scents. Very pretty fragrances but I have not the inclination to try the various scents to combine them. They are made to mix and match but I think are only available in the EDT and I tend to prefer EDP.

    I would be more inclined to start with Tom Ford and his line. They are stronger, for one thing.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    Some of them are so ordinary and simple that I can only see them as layering material. In fact as such thery are great, exactly because they are so simple. PN is a true gem! One of the few FB that I hav come to finish. I have layered Wild Fig and Cassis with 154 and the result is trully amazing, very masculine sort of 70's scent. Black Vetyver Cafe is also interesting and makes for a very good masculinizer when layered with feminine scents. Sweet Lime and Cedar I didn't like that much. Surprisingly when layering one cannot predict which one will take over. BVC for instance tends to overwhelm mush stronger fragrances, PN is a powerhouse offcourse.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    I think many are very nice and a few are fantastic. I have quite a few myself and enjoy all of the ones I own.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    So I have had the chance to play around with them, and some of the combinations are wonderful, and some are just awful. I have definitely had fun in the process. Good luck to anyone else who tries these out.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    I m sure we would love to hear what you came up with, good and bad....

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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    I enjoy them as quick pick-me-ups; I see them as modernized classic EDCs...particularly the Grapefruit.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    Here are a few combos I have tried and liked:
    Sweet Lime and Cedar/ Nectarine Blossom
    Pomegranate Noir/ Grapefruit
    Grapefruit/ Lime, Basil, Mandarin

    Pomegranate Noir/ Blue Agava
    White Jasmine and Mint/ Blue Agava
    Lime, Basil, Mandarin/ Sweet Lime and Cedar

    I will continue to update as I wear them.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    I don't own any Jo Malones (yet) but I love Black Vetyver Café and Nutmeg & Ginger. Would love to try more of their scents, but it seems impossible to get samples plus they don't ship to Finland.
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    Default Re: Jo Malone Collection

    I was at a Nordstroms last week and had the opportunity of trying a few of thier offerrings. There were some winners, but nothing earth-shattering. The Pomegranite and the Lime/Basil/Mandarine were the two I recall liking more than the others. I didn't get the chance to apply any to my skin due to hitting up the Creed counter first and applying a bunch of thier stuff on all available skin. Next time I'm there, I'll be sure to try thier stuff on my skin.

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