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    Default A tale of 2 Knize 2's

    Hello to all. There is a lot of discussion on original scents vs. reformulations, vintage vs. new juice. I follow some of this with interest, and yet at the same time I don't want to fall down the rabbit-hole of an infinite number of versions of a particular scent.
    Here is today's experience with two versions of Knize 2 .
    The new juice is a carded (actually boxed) little sample, from Les Senteurs, obtained this year. It is a clear colour. The floral notes are prominent at the beginning, and they are beautiful. Due to the prominence of the violet notes (both flower and leaf) the scent has a silvery-purple image for me. The character of the scent is elegant and suave. Could be easily worn by men or women.
    I bought the vintage juice at a shop three years ago. Looking at the box, label, price sticker; I'm sure this had been there for several years. The juice is a deep golden colour. The galbanum completely dominates. The scent has a vintage, "dirty" (or earthy) and aggressive character. It suggests green to the max. Due to its powerful opening blast, it seems masculine to me.
    Interestingly, after about two hours the scents wind up in a similar place.
    Reformulation? The effects of age? I don't know. But I do find the difference to be interesting. And I have to say the vintage juice is the more compelling of the two.

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    Default Re: A tale of 2 Knize 2's

    Fascinating! I agree that it's very difficult to tell what is due to age and what is due to original formulation. One thing which may help in coming years is the larger number of refrigerated, unopened scents which are being laid aside these days. I think that these bottles will provide an even stronger hint at the true differences in formulations over the years.

    Again, very interesting. Thanks, Ody!
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